Cantine Aperte for San Martino in #Lazio: aged wines at table with local delicacies

16/11/2014 Delight the senses while experiencing the cosiest and most welcoming nooks in cellars amid the flurry of fermentation

On Sunday, November 16 from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Movimento Turismo del Vino Lazio is organizing and celebrating the newest Cantina Aperte for San Martino initiative, inspired by an old saying, “Nell’estate di San Martino si spilla la botte e si assaggia il vino.” “It’s Indian Summer time, pop open the barrel and taste the wine.” This event is as new as Novello and the latest vintages of aged wines, which will be served to wine tourists when they visit MTV wineries.

Novello wine rings in the new agricultural year when it is released at the beginning of November of the same year as the harvest. As such, it should be drunk by the following spring. It rolls in with the first fog in November and the first scents of autumn at the end of the harvest with its fresh fruitiness and notes of raspberry, cherry and other ripe fruits. It is bright red in colour and young and dynamic: the pleasure of drinking simple, and, for this reason, is also suitable for budding wine enthusiasts.

The Lazio Novello is of great quality and contributes to the growth of the regional winemaking sector. Novello wine is ready a few weeks after the harvest because of a special technique involving carbonic maceration lending it its fresh and winey properties. According to Italian regulations, at least 30% of grapes must undergo carbonic maceration while the remaining 70% can be vinified by traditional methods in order to become Novello. This production method was created in France in 1934 taking its name from the Beaujolais Nouveaux production area and has stirred up great consumer interest since being produced in Italy.

In Lazio, salami, fresh cheese, and roasted chestnuts will be paired with the Novello wine. Special moments are to be experienced along the sensory trail in the cosiest and most welcoming nooks of cellars amid the flurry of fermentation.

Most of the wineries listed below will feature aged wines with typical local delicacies at their tasting tables enhancing their winery tours, which, as always, provide an opportunity to also become acquainted with the typical products of the territory.

Participating wineries:


Azienda Agraria Cantina del Tufaio a Zagarolo (RM) Tel. 06 9524502 - 339 6380419 -
Donnardea - Az. Agr. Duca Antonio Trasmondi a Ardeal Località S. Palomba (RM) Tel: 06 9115435 - 335 7573789 -
Azienda Agraria Casale Cento Corvi Menadi S.r.l. a Cerveteri (RM) Tel: 06 9903902 -
Cantina La luna del Casale a Lanuvio (RM) Tel: 06 9370036 - 347 8248506 -


Azienda Agraria Cantina Sant'Andrea a Terracina (LT) Tel: 0773 755028 -
Az. Agr. Casale del Giglio a Le Ferriere (LT) Tel: 06 92902530 -
Az. Agr. Ganci e Milone a Borgo Grappa (LT) Tel: 0773 208219 - 328 6411761 -
Tenuta Pietra Pinta, Località Le Pastine a Cori (LT) Tel: 06 9678001 -

Segreteria Movimento Turismo del Vino Lazio
Tel/fax 06 8604694 -
Circonvallazione Nomentana, 288
00162 ROMA