Cantine Aperte for San Martino in #Puglia. Sunday, November 16 Glasses Raised to Toast


The event, made possible thanks to the Department of Food and Agriculture Resources of the Puglia Region, will be an opportunity that can’t be missed to taste new wines and older labels from morning to dusk while meeting the winemakers and exchanging opinions about the wines with friends and relatives.

“The second week of November is Saint Martin’s Day, traditionally celebrated in the agriculture world for its special importance which links it to the work done by winemakers and the work done in the cellars,” says Fabrizio Nardoni from the Department of Food and Agricultural Resources in the Puglia Region. “They are moments which mark crossing the finish line and, at the same time, [moments which] become an opportunity to cast away the foundation and cast a look towards the future. The finish line because you reap the rewards of continuous work which lasted the entire year; the starting line because you plan the work in the vineyard and in the cellar for the months to come while keeping a watchful eye on a market which shows an increasing interest in our production. Winemaking Puglia, even if it is forced to cross the already incessant rough seas of a fluctuating market, has been a major player for years registering a constant positive trend in terms of quantity and quality. We still intend on aiming for quality supporting the efforts of the producers by promoting and making [our wines] international to cultivate the goal of increasingly gratifying feedback. The San Martino events evoke a sense of celebration and liveliness. Symbolically we rejoice with our winemakers with the certainty that even this year their professional skill, their enthusiasm, and their efforts will produce yet another season of encouraging success.”

In Puglia, the event, in its sixth consecutive year, will see eight wineries participate, opening their doors and offering rich programs of guided tours, tastings and special events. In Daunia Albergo Longo of Lucera (Fg) will be open. In the area of Castel del Monte, stops at La Cantina di Andra in Andria and at Villa Schinosa in Trani are a must. In the province of Bari, Terre di San Vito in Polignano a Mare will be open while Tenute Emèra in Lizzano for a stop in the Magna Grecia area. Heading towards the Salento, Hiso Telaray Libera Puglia in Messagne (Br), Moros in Guagnano (Le) and Marulli in Copertino (Le) will welcome wine lovers.

“An invitation to all wine lovers next Sunday to visit the open cellars for a chance to experience what is a traditional and symbolic time in the winemaking year,” comments Sebastiano de Corato, President of Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia. “We hope that the launch of the ‘new wine’ will be an extraordinary chance to appreciate the quality of the wines of our region spending a pleasant day in a festive and welcoming atmosphere.”

As customary, the participating wineries will organize special events such as art exhibits, entertainment with music and traditional dancing as well as tastings of typical products.

For those who love cycling, the Cicloamici di Messagne e Brindisi association is organizing a pleasant bike ride uniting wine with nature as they do every year.

The San Martino festivities mark an important moment in rural life all over Puglia. Historically, this feast day was an opportunity to celebrate the joy of a good harvest and of avoiding the danger of famine in addition to hoping for an increasingly prosperous future. To celebrate in the best way possible what was considered New Year’s Eve on the farming calendar, farmers opened “ozze” (clay amphoras) or barrels to taste the new wine, symbol of wealth and prosperity.

After “Cantine Aperte for San Martino”, Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia will follow up with “Cantine Aperte for Christmas” set for December 7 at the same time as “LoVolio Extravergine”, an event featuring the green oil of Puglia.

All the information and updates for the event and other Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia initiatives are available on and on the Movimento’s social network pages.