Cantine Aperte for San Martino in the #Marche: Chestnuts, Typical Treats and Wine Tastings

16/11/2014 Over 20 MTV Marche wineries will open their doors to visitors and wine tourists to share an important passage in the winemaking season

As the 2014 harvest draws to a close, the winemaking world is already looking ahead. The autumn edition of Open Cellars is back for Saint Martin’s feast day, also known as Indian Summer. On Saturday and Sunday, November 15 and 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. participants can visit wineries, enjoy entertainment and learn more about regional winemaking just like during the May edition of Cantine Aperte which has become the most renowned event in the sector.

With Cantine Aperte for San Martino, Movimento Turismo del Vino is bringing back the friendly and familiar atmosphere of the age-old Italian tradition in which the harvest in addition to the renewal of farming contracts were celebrated at the start of the new agricultural year on November 11, the feast day of Saint Martin. An old yet still relevant celebration which will bring various forms of entertainment, music, winery and vineyard tours, guided and free tastings, pairings between wines and sweets but also savoury dishes and typical products, activities for children and much more.

A day dedicated to the fermenting must, to autumn flavours and colours, which all bring you to the connection between the producers and their philosophies. It is a pleasant way to liven up the sluggish days of November and feel the warmth of their hospitality and good cheer. An absolute must for wine tourists as the increasing number of visitors show. Thousands of people are getting more interested in wine and its natural rhythms that cyclically follow the weather and the seasons, in that miracle that represents the birth of the fruit of the earth which can never be repeated because of the different passions, dedication, traditions, techniques and the personal touch which all go into the creation of that authentic “poetry” of the land that is wine.

Uniting tradition and innovation, this is the goal of Movimento Turismo del Vino which, with the Cantine Aperte a San Martino event, has dusted off old customs according to which the first tastes of wine from the latest harvest happen right on the feast of Saint Martin which the Church celebrates on November 11.

For the San Martino weekend, Movimento Turismo del Vino has organized an autumn version of the more famous “Cantine Aperte” in which the participating producers will open their cellars to tastings and tours for wine lovers. The wineries, which are Movimento Turismo del Vino members and which display the official logo, are ready to welcome guests with professionalism and good hospitality, which have always set them apart from the rest. Immersed in the beautiful countryside of the Marche region among rolling hills and sinuous horizons of tidy vineyards, this experience is so pleasant that it calls you back for more, and it is for this reason that the cellars are “open” throughout the year!

Download the attachment to see participating wineries and their events!