04/12/2014 A chance for Movimento Turismo del Vino members to weigh the pros and cons of all things related to wine tourism at wineries and in territories where they work on a daily basis

On Thursday, December 4, members of Movimento Turismo del Vino from all over Italy will meet to discuss the fiscal and administrative transparency in managing wine tourism in cellars and the role of specialized tourism and possible collaborations with wineries. This forum will be lead by two experts: Francesco Preziosi, expert consultant in fiscal matters, and Filippo Magnani, wine and gourmet tour operator.

  • Francesco Preziosi, Tax Expert – Squaring up with Wine Tourism. Fiscal and Administrative Transparency in Managing Wine Tourism in the Cellar
Sorting out winery and business activities in wine tourism from an administrative and taxation point of view. The expert will present the associated norms and give precious suggestions for the best administration of related activities. In addition, through the Unione Italiana Vini, the winery system is proposing a legislative reform to resolve this “grey zone” of rights, making it easier for wineries to offer wine tourism packages, tastings, direct sales and guided tours.
  • Filippo Magnani, Wine and Gourmet Tour Operator – The Non-Accidental Tourist. Managing the potential collaborations between specialized tourism and wineries.
Travel agencies and tour operators that specialize in wine tourism in Italy have an increasingly strategic role in promoting and marketing hospitality in the cellar. Capitalizing on the success of food and wine tourism, important partnerships between tour operators and wineries can be established and developed, which are able to create significant financial and marketing advantages for wineries