Luigi Veronelli

21/01/2015 For me, strong emotions. An intense project. A good team effort. High-profile professionals took part in its realization. Everyone. A lot of material

The time has come. Today the exhibition on Gino Veronelli entitled “Camminare la Terra – Walking the Land” opens.

An expression, which in its essence, admirably blends two recurring elements in Luigi Veronelli’s thoughts and work. In walking the land, Veronelli encountered men and women, loved their products and discovered useful tools for work and consumption. From here, the decision by the committee, which was started to valorize the work and thoughts of the great intellectual, to call the exhibition, “Luigi Veronelli - Walking the Land” with a motto that is a mission statement, a testament, and an invitation, which was Veronelli’s prophecy.

The exhibition, put on by the Comitato decennale Luigi Veronelli and La Triennale di Milano, will be open to the public for free from January 21 to February 22, 2015.
Related events: tastings (every Thursday for the entire duration of the exhibition). (Source: