The Zodiac Carpet

20/04/2011 In the historic center of Bari great fashion show between astrology and vintage.

The twelve zodiac signs matched with gorgeous models with hairstyles, jewelry and vintage clothing. And a final toast with twelve wines inspired by each sign.

It is the theme of 'The Zodiac Carpet', the original fashion show, with free admission, to be held in Bari, Thursday, April 28th at 20:00 in the Gallery of Catapano, in the heart of old town.  

The presenter will be the astrologer Franca Mazzei, a familiar character to fans of horoscopes that every day, follow her advice on the radio and television.

Which planets dominate the fashion victims?

What color dress the twelve signs of the zodiac?

What are the most effective stones to eliminate weaknesses and enhance the opportunity of existence of each zodiac sign?

Franca Mazzei will reveal preferences and attitudes commenting on the catwalk twelve new vintage look inspired by the dresses of Cinzia Triggiani's FLY 169. To mark the occasion the new collections of Rosa Ladisa's jewelry will be presented, where each sign will find its ideal representation in the matching between the exclusivity of craftsmanship and exclusivity of the natural stones. To complete the pairing between look and astrology the hairstyles by Drusilla. 

After the event, organized in collaboration with the Jewellery Angarano of Bari, we will toast with the wines offered by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, on the occasion, twelve labels of Puglia will match the twelve zodiac signs: Primitivo,  impetuous and strong as an Aries, the Nero di Troia, dynamic and proud as a Lion, Negroamaro, passionate and always full of surprises as a Scorpio.

Some info on the artists:

For Cinzia Triggiani the search and rediscovery of vintage clothing and accessories was born about a year ago just for fun to satisfy a passion that has always been there. 'There is nothing more beautiful and exciting in reviving these dresses! So precious and fun, so extravagant, but still present. 'She defines herself as alien to the society of 'consumerism', convinced that everything can also relive changing shape, just like the vintage.

Rosa Ladisa's passion for this work began in 2000, then the first satisfactions during her first exhibition in 2003. The creativity and imagination led her to make jewelry away from banality. She participated in several events with other artists presenting her jewelry pieces that are unique for special women.

Drusilla is the brand chosen by Viriana Soleti: she, too, having started this activity as a hobby, has made a profession. Fashion stylist with a passion for fashion, creates special hairstyles made entirely by hand.


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