08/07/2011 Trani (North Bari), Otranto e Galatina (Salento) get ready to welcome thousands of tourists during the magical week of San Lorenzo.

'Calici di stelle' is coming. Puglia's main summer event, created and organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, is now in its thirteenth edition.

The 2011 wine tasting event takes place in three cities: Trani on Wednesday 10 August, then moves down into the Salento area to Otranto on Saturday 6 August and Galatina on Saturday 13 August. These three cities are all deeply linked in their history and culture to Puglia's winemaking tradition: Trani and Otranto are two charming tourist centres with important roles during the Reign of Naples; when Trani was the administrative seat for the Terra di Bari and Otranto for the Terra d'Otranto.

Galatina is a beautiful 'City of Art' with a wealth of monuments, churches, and baroque architecture featuring richly decorated façades and balconies. It is also the 'City of Wine', one of Italy's most active wine cities.

In the magical atmosphere of the week of San Lorenzo , Calici di Stelle gives the tourists and local people the chance to participate in a great festival with music, dance and theatre shows, and tastings of the best Puglian wines and oils, from Daunia to the Salento.

Calici di Stelle is an event dedicated to quality wine and oil – says Vittoria Cisonno, president of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia – a festival for visitors and local people who want to know all about the wines and oils of our region. For this reason – continues the president Cisonno – we decided to focus on the cultural value of tasting,meaning attentive and responsible consumption of each product'. Puglia's Ais sommeliers and tasters introduce and explain the quality and features the region's products.

This is an unmissable appointment to discover the traditional vines and wines of the area, from Nero di Troia to Primitivo, from the whites of the Valle d'Itria to Negroamaro. The three cities will be decorated with the green, white and red of the Italian flag to celebrate 150th anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

Calici di stelle is not only a great festival but above all a unique opportunity to valorise the territory, its wine-growers and its culture

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