Puglia in the limelight at the International Wine Tourism Conference

13/01/2012 For the first time in Italy, the fourth edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop, created by specialist agency Wine Pleasure of Barcelona, and in 2012 organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Italia.

For the first time in Italy, the fourth edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop, created by specialist agency Wine Pleasure of Barcelona, and in 2012 organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Italia. In Perugia, from 30 January to 2 February.

The 2011 edition of the International Wine Tourism Conference & Workshop in Portugal welcomed around 173 delegates from over 30 different countries, including Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Latvia, India and South Africa, 45 tour operators and travel agencies specialising in wine & food tourism (+30% from 2010), and 326 journalists, bloggers and experts from all over Europe and the United States.

This year's programme includes wine-tastings, press tours, case histories from all over the world, and workshops for over 300 professionals - including tour operators, producers, journalists, bloggers and wine tourism players from over 40 countries.

In the words of Movimento Turismo del Vino president, Chiara Lungarotti: 'Wine is an increasingly global product, and wine tourism promotion – the sector's showcase – must also take the same path. In order to attract new customers it is absolutely necessary to make use of the instruments offered by the new media. Promotion on Web 2.0 and smartphone and tablet apps are now centrally important, on a par with the quality of wine and accommodation.'

During the conference, the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia - in collaboration with Puglia Region Agro-Food Resources Department and Unioncamere Puglia - will have a key role with a series of activities aimed at valorising Puglia and its wine-growing industry, and also at increasing the numbers of wine tourists to the region.

'Today wine is definitely Puglia's most authentic ambassador to the world – explains Regional Councillor Dario Stefàno – because it can recount the history, the culture and the flavours of a region better than any other product. This is a story which interests, attracts, and encourages an increasing number of wine tourists to visit Puglia and discover the magic and beauty of our region. The close bond between wines and places, between labels and destinations, between vines and areas is wine tourism's winning card, and is a fundamentally important factor in the establishment of a regional brand which we believe is already synonymous with taste and quality all over the world, and also with safety. Puglia has a leading role in this important event, in the knowledge that there is still much more potential to express, and that this is an industry which is sure to grow even further, with positive effects not only on the producers, but also on the areas and towns involved'.

The wide range of activities on the programme includes an information point open for the duration of the conference, making it possible to promote our region by establishing new international contacts, and two events dedicated to presentation of Puglia's wines and typical food products: on 30 January there is a lunch by Pietro Zito for around 200 guests including journalists and delegates; and on 31 January 'Tutta Puglia' is a tasting event with Puglia's wines and producers belonging to the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia. On 31 January, there is a very important event: a talk by Dario Stefàno, present at the conference as Puglia Region Agro-Food Resources director and also as the national coordinator of Agriculture directors.

Besides the events dedicated to Puglia, there are many other tasting events with experts from all over Europe: from Italy Grand Tasting, with 'Master of Wine', Jane Hunt (30 January at 7.00 pm), straw wines MTV Umbria (1 February at 6:30 pm), Croatia and Umbria theme dinners.

In addition, different areas are the focus of educational tours for tour operators and journalists to explore the excellences of Tuscany, the Marche, Campania and - of course - Umbria.

Finally, on Thursday 2 February, Puglia participates in 'workshop day', when Italian wine tourism meets with international demand with around 40 Tour Operators. Puglia will be represented by a tour operator belonging to the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, who will present a series of individual or group proposals put together in collaboration with the association.

'Wine tourism started out as an enjoyable activity for connoisseurs, and has now turned into a phenomenon in a situation of exponential growth – says Vittoria Cisonno, president of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia – so that it is now the subject of university studies, research, and market analysis. When we started the Movimento in Puglia, wine tourism was totally unknown, but in little over a decade, it has become one of the keystones in promoting wine & food tourism – both in economic terms and also in terms of social and cultural importance'.

Further info and updates available at www.movimentoturismovino.it and www.iwinetc.com and also at www.mtvpuglia.it.


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