Calici di Stelle 2012 in Puglia

28/06/2012 Summer is holiday time and time for "Calici di Stelle".

Summer is holiday time and time for 'Calici di Stelle'. This year Puglia is getting ready once more to celebrate this food & wine event under the falling stars of San Lorenzo, involving thousands of local people and tourists in this great celebration of the region's best wines and extra virgin olive oils.

There are two events for this 14th edition of Calici di Stelle, as always created and organised all over Italy by the Movimento Turismo del Vino alongside the national Città del Vino association: Tuesday 7th August in Trani, a delightful town on the Adriatic, which has become the focus for the northern-central area of Puglia after the success of the last editions; Friday 10th August in Copertino (Le), a splendid small town famous for the cult of St. Joseph, known as the Flying Saint, and for its imposing renaissance castle. After Lecce, Galatina end Otranto, holidaymakers in the Salento will have the chance to discover a new facet of the peninsula, and to spend an enjoyable evening toasting, tasting and visiting the region's wines.

Visitors to the event in both towns will be able to taste the wines from the best wineries of Daunia and the Salento, visit monuments, and take part in mini wine-tasting courses. Every winery will have a tasting stall with sommeliers and professional tasters from AIS Puglia. In Trani and Copertino the evening also includes a live show, enhancing the flavour of Puglia's wines with the heady music of ethnic-folk music: the stars of the evening are the Bottari from Portico and Macerata ''A Cantenella', a band from Macerata Campania and Portico di Caserta (Ce) who have performed many times in Italy and abroad, now ready to play in Puglia with barrels, tanks and sickles used as as percussion instruments. Visitors can reserve a free place on the 'Winebus Calici di stelle', aimed at all tourists and Puglian wine enthusiasts who want to enjoy the event in comfort and safety. Shuttle buses make it possible to enjoy the evening without needing to worry about safe driving or parking.

Visitors will find special infopoints at the main entry points to the cities, where the 'Kit Calici di stelle' (10 euro) is on sale, containing a wine glass with carrying bag, a book of 10 wine-tasting tickets, a pack of taralli and a guide to the event. This event is well-known, and if past successes are anything to go by, this year will achieve the same levels of popularity. 2011 saw over 60,000 visitors, with almost 10,000 botles of wines and 170 labels tasted. The success of Calici di Stelle is a sure sign of the growing interest of wine tourists, enthusiasts and conoisseurs in Puglia's wines, popular in Italy and abroad – with very definite and positive social, economic and cultural results for the region.

This event is made possible thanks to the contributions of the wine and oil producers, Regione Puglia's Agro-Food Resources Department, Pugliapromozione Tourist Agency, Gal 'Terre d'Arneo' and other local bodies.

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