12/09/2012 Next Sunday the wineries are open again for a toast to the new wine year.

On Sunday 16th September there is 'Benvenuta Vendemmia', so don't miss this chance to close the summer with a visit to one of the wineries involved, to meet the producers and try their wines. This is the fourteenth consecutive edition of 'Benvenuta Vendemmia', and is organised by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia with support from Regione Puglia's Agro-Food Resources Department.

This year there are six wineries taking part, most of them in the centre-north of Puglia: Teanum at San Severo, Rivera and Vignuolo at Andria, Villa Schinosa at Trani, Albea at Alberobello, and Torrevento at Corato. 'The grape harvest – says the Region's Agro-Food Resources Director Dario Stefàno – is one of the most eagerly-awaited moments of the year, the symbolic new beginning of the year after the summer break, loaded with hope and with renewed motivation to do more and to do better than ever. We like the idea of celebrating this important point in the wine calendar along with connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and the increasing numbers of wine tourists who visit our Region.

We hope this celebration will bring luck to the harvest, but it also gives us a good opportunity to highlight the excellent results our wine industry continues to achieve – thanks our wineries and their commitment. The Regione's intention – concludes Stefàno - is to continue supporting an industry which has made the most of the special features making Puglia's wines unique: taste, quality and safety'. The event is even more exciting this year, because visitors to some of the wineries can take part in the harvest or special events like art shows, or live folk music and dancing.

This is a special day for celebrating the Region and its culture with friends or family, in the words of Sebastiano de Corato, President of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia: 'Benvenuta Vendemmia allows wine tourists to experience the reality of the wineries in full 'ferment', even more so than 'Cantine Aperte' in May. Visitors enjoy not only these wonderful surroundings and excellent wines, but also the sounds and the smells of the real grape harvest. After the success of 'Calici di Stelle' in August, this is the first event on the Consortium's autumn calendar and our aim is to offer our visitors new opportunities to explore and understand Puglia'. Benvenuta Vendemmia also has something special for cyclists: Ruotalibera Bari is organising a rally at the Rivera winery at Andria.

The trail starts in Barletta, and crosses the peaceful Pre-Murgia countryside in Bari Province towards Canosa to arrive at the celebrated Andria winery (info from Group Leader Gianluca Cascarano: 340 336 9358). All information and updated news about Benvenuta Vendemmia and other events by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia is available at and on the Movimento's social network pages.

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