PUGLIA WINE & LAND: a very special guest at the fourth edition

12/10/2012 Just a few more days to go before international workshop "Puglia Wine & Land".

Just a few more days to go before international workshop 'Puglia Wine & Land' – 21st to 25th October 2012 at Masseria Torre Coccaro, Savelletri di Fasano (Br).

Created and organised by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, in collaboration with Regione Puglia's Agro-Food Resources and Tourism Departments, 'Puglia Wine & Land' provides an opportunity for Puglia's best wine producers to meet 25 international buyers in a setting which shows off the scenic beauty of the Region and encourages new business contacts with the foreign markets our guests represent.

This year there is a special guest at this event: Antonio Galloni (The Wine Advocate), important international journalist and one of the world's most famous wine critics. He writes some of the world wine press' most influential and respected articles and is flying in specially from the United States to present the seminar: 'Exporting Puglia's wines: reality and potential' on Monday 22nd at 9.30 am.

'With 'Puglia Wine&Land' – explains Sebastiano de Corato, President of the Consortium – the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia intends to support the activities of the Regional authorities in promoting visits to wine-growing areas by wine tourists and encouraging incoming foreign business operators. Puglia's wines express the Region's quality, and this is our winning card on the international markets. Antonio Galloni is one of the world's most authoritative wine observers and commentators, and will lead this seminar looking at the potential of our native Regional grape varieties on the foreign markets and will also consider the best wine style to communicate this potential to international consumers. We are convinced – concludes de Corato – that our producers will go away feeling enriched by these three days of meetings, debates and business contacts'.

Alongside the Italo-American journalist - besides Consortium President Sebastiano de Corato – will be other important figures in the Region's wine industry, including President of the Movimento Turismo del Vino Italia Daniela Mastroberardino, and Regione Puglia's Agro-Food Resources Officer Dario Stefàno.

'This is a strategically important event for our producers, who have to measure up to the daily demands of an increasingly global market, with the tastes and requirements of consumers from all over the world – comments Region Puglia's Agro-Food Resources Officer Dario Stefàno – Our wines are increasingly popular, as demonstrated by the excellent expanding export figures and daily acknowledgments from experts and connoisseurs, and this gives us even more motivation to do better and to do more. I am certain that the events on the programme for this edition of 'Puglia Wine & Land' will provide some indications on how we can better inform the world about our Region and about the appeal of our very own native grape vines, as well as providing an opportunity to come face-to-face with the international market. This is really the new frontier of promotional activity, allowing us to talk directly to the buyers and opinion leaders, and to give them not only the taste and flavour of our wines, but to give them an insight into the special features of this great wine-growing region – Puglia'.

Galloni will look at some important topics during the seminar: after an initial analysis how the style of Puglia's wines relates to the US and world markets, he will take a look at the crucial issue of the choice to be made between international taste and concentration on typical wines, giving suggestions and prospects for a successful style of wine.

In order to make the seminar into a real opportunity for analysis and comparison regarding Puglia's wine scene, expert wine and territory journalists Stefano Tesi and Pasquale Porcelli will also contribute their insights and opinions to the dialogue. The public will be able to take part in the discussion part of the seminar, when everyone can ask questions or share their thoughts on the topics looked at.

Galloni's arrival in Puglia, is not an event only because of his prestige and status as an authoritative journalist, but also because his presence lays the foundations for a fresh look at the Region's wine industry, providing useful indications for all producers.

The following days - 23rd and 24th October – are dedicated to the real workshop, with b2b meetings between wine producers and buyers. There is a reserved area for every producer, with qualified staff on hand to present the winery and start up business talks. The light lunch will also provide a further opportunity to talk to international guests.

'Puglia Wine&Land' is also made possible by contributions from our sponsors: Banca Popolare di Bari, Amorim Cork Italia SpA Unipersonale, Imballaggi Lubelli, Re Legno Srl, Movinclick, Sys-Dat Bari Srl - Gruppo APRA Informatica.

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