25/01/2013 Great success for the region voted into the top ten of world wine areas by international magazine

Academic research on wine tourism in Puglia, in order to understand if it can really impact on local development and make the area a success with the tourism market. After prestigious recognition from international magazine 'Wine Enthusiast', which chose the region as one of the top world wine destinations 2013, Puglia is now being studied by university researchers in order to analyze the origins and the development of a phenomenon involving a growing number of businesses, operators, and wine lovers.

Researchers from the Bocconi University of Milan, the staff of Prof. Magda Antonioli, will work with the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia to carry out a statistical survey involving a wide sample of Puglia's wineries. Producers will be interviewed in order to discover strengths of the system and to identify aspects which could be improved, with a view to possible actions designed to help this sector. The results will provide a reliable portrait of wine tourism in Puglia, and the research aims to describe the development of social aspects, of life-styles and habits, highlighting the changes in tourists' habits, in their needs and their spending power.

One confirmation that Puglia as a brand has made it to the top is the remarkable increase in the number of students enrolled at Bari University's Agriculture Faculty, and the other is the noticeable increase in the quantity of quality wine produced, made possible above all by the commitment of the producers themselves and by the support policies of Regione Puglia to encourage improvements in the production system. In addition, in the last three years Puglia has seen the growth of the first start-ups by new farmers, especially young men and women in the under-40 age group. The choice made by 'Wine Enthusiast' encourages us to continue the pursuit of quality, as our region now stands proud alongside the other excellent wine-growing areas identified by the magazine: Monterey (California, USA), Rioja (Spain), Willamette Valley (Oregon, USA), Long Island (NY USA), Douro (Portugal, Hunter Valley (Australia), Danube (Austria), Stellenbosch (South Africa) and Val de Vinhedos (Brazil).

Puglia is the only region in the whole of Italy to be on the prestigious list, and has now created a series of events – aimed at promotion and enhancement - for the coming year 2013.

For example, the best wine-shops in Milan and other places in Lombardy will be putting bottles of Primitivo, Nero di Troia and Negroamaro on show throughout February. The wine-shops will organize special workshops and wine-tasting led by wine experts. Then there is the Road Show organized by the Vinarius association, which will be taking Puglia's wines and extra virgin olive oils directly into the places most popular with gourmets, inviting them to discover the special features of these products and – above all – to choose Puglia as a destination.

Here are the 16 wine-shops taking part in the event: in Milan - la Bottega dell'arte del vino, Cantine Isola, Enoclub, Enoteca Cotti, Enoteca el Vinatt rene' and Vino Vino; in Desio (MB) – Enopassione; in Seregno (MB) - Enopolio Italico Festa and Enoteca Incontri Divini; in Lissone (MB) - Enoteca al Convegno; in Arluno (MI) - Enoteca Calo'; in Bareggio (MI) - Enoteca Maggiolini; in Cantù (Co) - La Barrique Enoteca; in Orzinuovi (BS) - Enoteca Un Mondo di Vino; in Lodi (LO) - Enoteca e Dolcerie F.lli De Toma; and in Boario Terme (BS) Enoteca Foppoli.

There is also another event with lots of appeal for American wine-lovers: a competition promoted by 'Wine Enthusiast' magazine. Readers are invited to answer five questions about Puglia in order to enter the prize draw. The winners will enjoy a wonderful trip for two people to the most picturesque places connected with wine tourism in Puglia: wineries, fortified masseria farmsteads and excellent resorts. The competition will be widely advertised in a variety of ways, including the Wine Enthusiast's website winemag.com (175,000 single visitors per month), the magazine itself (around 200,000 regular readers), newsletter subscribers (250,000) and the main social networks.

Other important events are the seminar on 'wine tourism and young people' in Bari on 7 February, and in April during Vinitaly at Verona there is the conference to present the results from the survey by the Bocconi University.

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