18/09/2014 Journalists from some of the wine sector

Journalists from some of the wine sector's most influential publications spent four days discovering Negroamaro. The symbol of the Salento wine industry, Negroamaro was the theme of a press tour which in just four days took twelve journalists from important Italian publications (press, web and tv) on a trip to discover the beauty, flavours and culture of this area of Puglia.

The tour visited wineries and other farms producing typical local specialities, as well as particularly important historical and artistic sites, and also involved tasting sessions and meetings with local officials.

The tour was organised by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia, in partnership with Regione Puglia's tourism Office and the Comune di Copertino.

During the press tour guests were able to explore and enjoy the wide variety of wines inspired by this important vine. They had the chance to compare its different interpretations in the company of the producers, investigating flavours and bouquets and garnering in-depth information about production and trade.

The press tour is just the first stage in a three-stage project: at the end of the tour, all the journalists wanting to write articles and reports about Negroamaro will be able to take part in the Negroamaro Journalism Contest, competing for two prizes of €1,000: for the best written article and for the best radio-tv report. The contest is also open to journalists who did not take part in the tour, but who present an article or a report on this theme.

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