01/12/2014 A special Sunday with high quality wines and extravirgin olive oils for tasty gift ideas.

Next Sunday winelovers are invited to inagurate the Christmas season with the double date 'Cantine Aperte a Natale' and 'LoVolio Extravergine', two events organized by the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia in collaboration with the Regione Puglia Agro-Food Resources Office.
Starting from 10 a.m., wineries and oil mills are going to welcome visitors to taste the two flagship regional agricultural products, wine and extravirgin olive oil, from some of their best producers.
From the north to the south of Puglia, the event will feature 13 companies, of which nine wineries – Alberto Longo at Lucera (Fg), La Cantina di Andria at Andria, Villa Schinosa at Trani, Terre di San Vito at Polignano a mare (Ba), Vetrère at Montemesola (Ta), Carvinea at Carovigno (Br), Libera Puglia Hiso Telaray at Mesagne (Br), Mottura at Tuglie (Le), Cupertinum and Marulli at Copertino (Le) – and four oil mills – Maria Cristina Bisceglia at Mattinata (Fg), Galantino at Bisceglie (Bt), Oro di Trani at Trani, Il Frantoio at Ostuni (Br).
Wine producers will be pleased to welcome the guests and give them the chance to taste the very new wines and the older vintages too, straight in their cellar.
In the oil mills, the day will be dedicated to the culture of extravirgin olive oil. The companies will treat visitors to typical traditional dishes giving them the opportunity to appreciate the just pressed extravirgin olive oil from different olive varieties and highlighting the most appropriate and savory food and olive oil pairings.
Alongside the traditional in-site tours, the oil presses and wineries will organise exclusively for the occasion, in a merry atmosphere, many additional, interesting activities such as shows, music, cultural initiatives and typical local products tastings.
In each location, shopping corners will be set up to showcase typical products and artisanal handicrafts and offer 'tasty' Christmas gifts to the visitors.
Also, special routes will be designed for the bike lovers with the associations Ruotalibera Bari and Cicloamici of Brindisi and Mesagne. Please find all info and updates on the event on the website www.mtvpuglia.it and on the social pages of the Movimento.

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