Open Vineyards - June 18/19th June 2022

18/06/2022 Walk through the vineyards of Cartizze, discovering Ruggeri winery!

The experience will start from the land, from the vineyard, where a walk through the rows of the renowned Cartizze will immerse you completely in nature, to discover the centuries-old vines. You will discover and experience first-hand the difficulty of heroic viticulture, difficult but spectacular at the same time; here will take place the guided tasting of the first wine: the Cartizze Brut, where it is born!
After it will be explained in the cellar how Valdobbiadene Docg is produced, fully immersing you in the philosophy and in the Ruggeri method. In the new tasting room, finally, the tasting of 3 wines will take place: - L'Extra Brut Millesimato, Giustino B, Cartizze Dry. There will be no shortage of appetizers / finger food in combination with the various wines.

Available hours: 10.30 - 13.00 - 15.30 - 18.00

Days: June 18th/19th

Info: 3451692165;