Terreno Chianti Classico top red in Vinordic Wine Challenge 2018

21/06/2018 A Chianti Classico wine is currently the best red organic wine in Sweden. Terreno Chianti Classico 2014 received both the award for Best Value and the Gold Trophy at Vinordic Wine Challenge 2018.

Terreno Chianti Classico 2014 was elected winner of the most prestigious wine prizes for the Nordic markets, Vinordic Wine Challenge, a competition aiming to select Sweden's best and most affordable wines. The Chianti Classico wine won in the category best organic red wine and received both the Best Value Award in its prize category and the Gold Trophy award covering all red wines tasted.

– This is such a great honour for us, as well as a recognition as a top quality region for the Chianti Classico district, says Sofia Ruhne, owner and producer at the wine estate Terreno in Greve in Chianti.

Vinordic Wine Challenge is the largest wine competition in Sweden with more than 800 wines, all blind tasted by a group of professional wine judges.

– We are convinced that this will stimulate consumer interest in wines from Chianti Classico and of the top quality in this part of Tuscany.

Terreno is a family owned wine estate and the youngest daughter of four, Sofia, is this year taking over management. She was seven years old when her mother and father, both from Sweden, bought the estate in 1988.

– There is a lot happening this year. The celebration of 30 years of wine making at Terreno and now this prize. The hard work put in by my whole family over the years really is paying off, and all at once.

The estate has 23 hectares of vineyard – all organic. The focus is on traditional Chianti Classico. There are also other wines produced, like the Bianco Professore, a white wine made out of grapes typically grown in the Rhône valley.

– We love this area. We therefore find it extremely important to take good care of the land and preserve the traditions of Chianti Classico. Me, coming here at such a young age, I feel very strongly for keeping it that way.

There is a lot of curiosity in the Ruhne family. Something that is shown not only in the grape composition of the ancillary wines but also in the names and the labels. Two of the wines are, for example, named after the family’s dogs.

– We put a lot of ourselves into everything we do but our wines are always primarily an expression of our beloved Chianti Classico, Sofia concludes.