The Italian critics review the new ?Margrande-Fiano del Salento IGP?


The new 'Margrande-Fiano del Salento IGP' – introduced by the Salentine winery Varvaglione Vigne & Vini ( in September 2014 – has soon aroused the curiosity of many lovers of Italian high quality wines.

Among them, the request to taste and review this new wine was sent to Varvaglione Vigne & Vini by Franco Ziliani, a journalist of 'Cucchiaio d'Argento' who has been cultivating his passion for tastings for thirty years, with a special wine appreciation for Apulia and its wines.

Both Franco Ziliani and a lot of Apulian wine lovers' attention was drawn by the curiosity to know how Fiano del Salento has characteristics typical of Salento, so diversifying itself from other vine varieties of the Fiano grouping, grown in other Italian regions.

As an accurate reviewer, he shared his personal opinion originated after a careful tasting of this new and distinctive wine

Franco Ziliani's review is available on the following link:

Varvaglione 1921