Golden medals to the wines by Varvaglione at the 2016 winter edition of Berliner Wein Trophy


At the 2016 winter edition of Berliner Wein Trophy, the Salentine winery Varvaglione has been awarded two golden medals for their wines '12 e mezzo-Primitivo del Salento IGP' and 'Passione-Primitivo del Salento IGP'.

They represent new prestigious prizes to the Apulian wines by Varvaglione, awarding the family wine-making tradition held by two excellent wines.
The Berliner Wein Trophy is one of the most important international wine competitions, taken into high consideration all over the wine world.
For this reason, the medals awarded in the 2016 winter edition represent a new source of pride to Varvaglione's, as they award their constant commitment and their deep passion that lead the production of each single wine.
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