Wine and Design speak the beauty language, with the FASHION EDITION COLLECTION by Varvaglione 1921


Arts, landscapes, cooking and wine. Italy is famous for all its beauties. For this reason, here at Varvaglione's, we were wondering how we could spread the made in Italy style even with our bottles, by combining together wine and beauty.

So, we reflected that a good way to do that was being motivated by both glamour and the Italian haute couture design.

We have been inspired by the classical textures that have made our country as a brand synonym of elegance and preciousness. This is how we originated the 12emezzo Fashion Edition wine line.

If you choose this wine collection, you will drink the made in Italy twice: as wine and as creative inspiration of great design. We want to offer a sensorial experience that includes the eyesight even before opening the bottle and pouring wine.

Four labels, four wines, four different characters. Houndstooth, with its legendary elegance it dresses the sharp and light taste of Primitivo. Tweed, synonym of comfort and innovation to dress the delicate taste of 12emezzo Negroamaro, appreciated by young palates, too. Polka dots, more romantic, is perfect for the aromatic Malvasia that tells about the liveliness of the youngs. And then, the classic pinstripe dresses the fine taste of rosé with a clear and linear texture perfect to enclose the small ironic bubbles of this wine.

All over the world, the word Italy is connected to one only great adjective. 'beautiful'. This is why we really care about preserving the magnificence bound to this statement. May it be wine, design or whatever can tell about our wonderful country.

The only thing left is being charmed by these wines, while choosing the one that represents you better.

Stay Fashion on:

Varvaglione 1921