Touring around Puglia with the 12emezzo Fashion Edition Collection


Looking for the 12emezzo Fashion Edition wine collection by Varvaglione1921 around Puglia, it is possible to win Varvaglione 'Experience'.

Every week, we are going to post on our social pages of Facebook and Instagram the postcard of a cool town in Puglia with one of our wines. All our followers will be invited to search for the most fashionable wine bottles of summer in that place and to share a photo of them.

The nicest picture, which will get the most 'like', will win a visit of our winery with wine tasting for four people.

This contest is lasting all summer and it is finishing in the first week of September 2017. We will start from our Taranto and then we will go around the whole coast of the long and beautiful Puglia.

Choose which taste you want to give to your summer around Puglia with the 12emezzo Fashion Edition wines. Choose Varvaglione1921.

Varvaglione 1921