Maria Teresa Basile Varvaglione is the new President of Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia


Founded in 1993, MTV Puglia is a non-profit association that aims at increasing wine tourism throughout Italy. This fundamental economic resource helps develop regions and is an efficient instrument for environmental protection. The main goal is to allow wine tourists to get to know the activities and products of the wine cellar members of the Movement, and offers an example of how business can be done while respecting traditions and safeguarding the environment and quality agriculture.

According to the former President De Corato, this passing of the baton is a way for pursuing the direction of growth already undertaken and empowering the network of wine producing companies. In just a few years, the Movement has developed a new way of doing tourism, linked to the territory of Puglia, its beauty and landscape, and the excellence of its wines.

“I am committed to seeing that the Movimento Turismo del Vino Puglia (Movement for Wine Tourism, Puglia Region) continues to be the engine for growth in our region’s wine tourism, enhancing the excellent qualities of our winegrowing regions and sharing goals, projects and opportunities.” The First Lady of Varvaglione 1921, Maria Teresa Basile, thus commented upon her election to President of the Movement for Wine Tourism of the Puglia Region on February 22.

We at Varvaglione are proud of this achievement and committed along with the new President to holding high the banner of our beloved land: Puglia.