A Question of Family: how the Varvaglione story began


The Varvaglione story began with their grandparents and their special love story. 1921 was the first harvest, and the fruits of their labor were sold for the first time under the family name. It was a time of experiments, passion, and the challenge of producing wines that expressed the unique and distinctive flavors of their beloved Puglia. They already knew by the early ’70s that their land was capable of producing great wines. It was this conviction that led Cosimo to study enology and specialize in winemaking. He had seen his parents and grandparents work the land, cultivating the grapevines but also their love for their family and the land. By the beginning of the new millennium, the results started to become evident and grew along with the satisfaction. Varvaglione 1921 arrived on the international markets. Today, Cosimo leads the cellar flanked by his children Marzia and Angelo, with Francesca soon to join them, making four generations of the Varvaglione family winery. It is this next generation that will have the task of renewing the family bond to this region, with respect for the land of their origins, producing wines that reflect the delicate balance between nature and man.