The past and the future in the harvest time


At this time of year, we like to remember the harvest time in the past and think about the future uin a romantic way. The sweet smell of must filled the streets. During the harvest, the family broadened to include more people.

The team of women spread out through the vineyards. When they heard the cry of ‘Carricamu!’, the men took special containers made from olive branches that had just been loaded.

The food was very simple: bread and cheese; they sat in the shade of an olive tree.

At the end of a hard day of labor, the harvesters rested their weary backs. 

It was truly hard work, because the vines in Puglia are trained alberello style, low to the ground, so the work of picking the grapes bent their backs. Today here at Varvaglione, much of this continues unchanged. The harvest time has one goal only: to carry out the production of high quality wines. This is why the winery has chosen to use new winemaking technology, to keep an eye on the future in the respect of a tradition that traces its roots to 1921. Along with the technology, there is true commitment to environmental sustainability, starting with energy savings, management of water resources, the use of cotton paper for labels, and conversion of some of the vineyards to organic production.

All of this makes the Varvaglione family winery competitive, and able to offer quality wines on the market.