Varvaglione 1921 on Wine Spectator: a goal and a starting point


Great news for Varvaglione 1921: for the first time, the winery is appearing on Wine Spectator in the October 2018 issue. The photo tells about the family, its wines and its values.

One of the most prestigious American magazines in the food&wine sector, specializing in epicurean adventures, Wine Spectator is an international opinion maker in the world of wine. It comes out 15 times a year with articles, profiles, news and ads, and reaches three million readers.

Two editions every year are dedicated to the number one wine producer in the world: Italy! We are proud to be among the companies representing the Bel Paese in this important showcase.

The beautiful photo by … is a family portrait in the frame of the vineyards, the land of Puglia. The style is classic Italian, black and white, simple yet elegant. This is how Varvaglione chose to promote its defining values and wines, so representative of its Puglia origins.