The itinerary departs from Collecorvino to then continues on towards Loreto Aprutino, Nocciano e
Rosciano to arrive in Cepagatti. This route crosses a territory where, more than anywhere else, the
olive and vine growing is mixed together with the landscape, designing contours and articulating
the local peoples’ life.
Autostrada A 14. Exit at Pescara Nord/Città S. Angelo, take the “SS16” towards Adriatica/Silvi
Marina. Cross Montesilvano, take the “SR16BIS” crossing Cappelle sul Tavo and then continue
along the SR151 till Collecorvino.
The first information about Collecorvino goes back to the 9th century, when Corbino Longobardo,
as reported by local chronicle, settled on a hill east of Loreto Aprutino, fortifying it and building a
little village with the name Collecorvino, from his own name.
At the top of the hill stands the ancient Castle built during the 14th century, considerably changed up
to the 18th century, whose control tower is still in good condition.
Visit the church of Sant'Andrea Apostolo, already mentioned in 866 and completely rebuilt in the
18th century; the Convent in San Patrignano with a Baroque façade and seventeenth-century
frescoes; and the Renaissance church of San Rocco.
Wineries to Visit
Azienda Agricola Contesa
Contrada Caparrone, 465010 – Collecorvino Tel: 085 8205078 Fax: 085 8205902 Web: Email:
The establishment extends for about 30 hectares, of which 25 are cultivated with espalier vineyards.
The mid-hill vineyards are exposed to the South-West for the temperature needs of the vine
cultivations and the soil characteristics, surrounded by secular olives, oak-groves and a little lake in
the hills.
The firm is managed by the oenologist Rocco Pasetti, who works with professionalism and passion
in respect of tradition without forgetting the continual development of vinification methods, with
the unique aim of a great quality product.
Winery visits from Monday – Friday, 9.00 - 12.30 14.30 - 18.00, with a booking.
Tenuta del Priore Srl - Col del Mondo ss
C.da Campotino, 35/c 65010 – Collecorvino Tel: 085 8207162 Fax: 085 8207163 Web: Email:
The foundation of the winery dates back to the 70’s, recently restructured for including the building
in the local setting. Currently Tenuta del Priore covers 30 hectares of vineyards situated on a steep
hills set as a sort of amphitheatre on the shores of a little artificial lake.
The ground has a steep slope, rich in red clay, sometimes grey mixed with limestone rocks.
The climate, typically Mediterranean, is under the influence of the Adriatic Sea, which causes fresh
winds and favourable breezes, useful for ripening of the fruits.
Booking required for visits.
From Collecorvino going on along the panoramical road SP14, the visitor arrives at Loreto
Aprutino, in a bucolic setting of vineyards and olive trees: it is incredible to know that out of 75000
inhabitants, there are more than 1400 sheep farm. The producers have joined forces and constituted
the first olive oil defence union, with the same name of the D.O.P. Aprutino-Pescarese olive
It is worthwhile to visit both the Chiesa di S.Francesco, built in the 14th century in which is
preserved a splendid Baroque organ and a silver processional cross from 1029; and the Matrice, a
church dedicated to S. Pietro Apostolo , designated by the Bourbons which dates back to the 15th
century. Indoors, there are still well preserved a nice portico, some Romanesque triforas and an
eighteenth-century portal as well as silver bust of S. Zopito, the patron of the city.
Nearby is the centenarian Palace of Baron Casamarte from Campotino, and a little way out, Baron
Acerbo’s Palace. This Palace houses the Gallery of ancient ceramics of Abruzzo (more then 600
pieces exhibited) that supplies documentation about the evolution of ceramic activity since the
1400s, as well as preserving ceramics and ancient English and French paintings with Abruzzo as
Out of the central Piazza Garibaldi, continuing along the panoramic South side for about 1,5 km,
one finds the church of S.Maria in Piano (if you find it closed, please ask at the bar facing it). The
Church was built by the Longobards in 864, rebuilt in the1200’s and later in the 1500’s. It has a
lovely portico and a fifteenth-century bell tower adorned with polychrome majolicas; inside there
are some fourteenth-century frescoes, among which the “Giudizio Universale”(Last Judgment) on
the internal side of the façade and S.Tommaso’s life with some graphite inscriptions on the fifth
Wineries to Visit
Cantine Talamonti
C. da Palazzo 65014 – Loreto Aprutino Tel: 085 8289039 Fax: 085 8289047 Web: Email:
The wine-producing firm Talamonti was born in 2001 thanks to the perfect fusion of two elements:
historical and quality viticulture and an innovative winemaking.
The constant search for perfection in the art wine characterizes Talamonti, giving life to a brand that
blends the experience of the past, in a technologically avantgard productive context, with a range of
products able to meet any kind of need and the most demanding expectations of wine lovers.
To this day, the most part of its 25 hectares of vineyards are constituted by native varieties of
Abruzzo such as Montepulciano and Trebbiano, Pecorino and Passerina in addition to the
improvement of the international varieties such as Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Booking required for visits.
Tenuta Torre Raone
C.da Scannella 65014 – Loreto Aprutino Tel: 085 8289699 Fax: 085 8289699 Web: Email:
In Tenuta Torre del Poggio, producer of Torre Raone wines, ancient method and traditions
encounter the newest vinification techniques, giving life to premium wines. Vineyards and olive
groves are at the crossroads of the airstreams coming from the West, where the sun sets behind the
unmistakable silhouette of Gran Sasso d’Italia, from the South-East along the slope of the Maiella
and from the North-East with the Adriatic Sea lapping the coasts of Abruzzo.
The establishment extends for about 35 hectares, of which 26 cultivated with vineyard and 2
hectares with olive tree grove. The soil is particularly rich and able to exalt the strong organoleptic
characteristics of the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo D.O.C. and oil extra virgin D.O.P olive oil
Booking required for visits.
The municipality of Nocciano is located in a hilly area, between the Pescara river and Nora river
valley, in a pleasant panoramic position. The village, 28 Km far from Pescara, is settled on a hill,
301 metres above sea-level, bordered by Nora stream on the North and Cigno stream on the South.
The peaks of Maiella, Morrone and Gran Sasso frame the village and offer the visitor a breathtaking
view. Thanks to the excavations made around the city centre many ruins of Roman buildings
and several antiques such as weapons, amphoras, sarcophagus (of which one is exposed at the
entrance hall of the Medieval Castle). In 1994, a Roman villa with mosaic floor was discovered,
linking the origin of Nocciano with the existence of an ancient Roman town called Follonica. Worth
a visit are the Castle and the numerous Churches: The Church of S.Lorenzo Diacono e Martire, the
Church of Sant’Antonio da Padova, the Church of Madonna delle Grazie, the Church of S. Rocco,
the Church of San Vittorino, the Church of San Biagio and the Church of Madonna del Piano.
Wineries to Visit
Bosco Nestore
Contrada Casali 65010 – Nocciano Tel: 085 847345 Fax: 085 847585 Web: Email:
The name Bosco is synonymous with the wine-producing tradition of Abruzzo. The art of wine has
been passed down from generation to generation, starting on the Pescara hillocks, this day improved
and planted in the centre of Nocciano, on the top of Pescara hills. Years of growth, experience,
professionalism culminate in grapes-growing and the delicate transformation from grapes to wine.
The calm of the countryside, the mild weather, hillside position and perfect grape selection make
the final product the undisputed king on our tables.
Visit to the winery from Monday to Saturday, upon reservation.
Chiusa Grande
Contrada Casali 66010 – Nocciano Tel: 085 847460 Fax: 085 8470818 Web: Email:
This winery was born from the passion and professionalism of its owner, Franco d’Eusanio. It is
composed of three properties a few kilometres from one another, on the Abruzzo hills. Its vineyards
extend for about 40 hectares in a geographical position characterized by wide temperature ranges
between night and day and an optimum exposure to the sunlight; these particular conditions are
perfect for quality grape growing. The firm is managed in accordance with principles of organic
agriculture to offer quality products respecting nature and consumers’ health.
Visit to the winery from Monday to Saturday, upon reservation.
From Nocciano going on along the road SP41 and SP47, the visitor arrives at Rosciano. The origins
of the village date back to an occupation by Albanians that took refuge in Italy for escaping from
the Turks. As well as the distinctive city centre, still conserving the typical characteristics of a
medieval town, Rosciano offers a beautiful baronial palace, the Church of San Eurosia and the little
medieval Church of San Nicola.
Wineries to Visit
Azienda Agricola Speranza Giancarlo
C.da Coccetta, 3 65020 – Rosciano Tel: +39 085 8505861 Fax: +39 085 8505861 Web: Email:
Azienda Marramiero
Contrada Sant’Andrea, 1 65020 – Rosciano Tel: 085 8505766 Fax: 085 8505318 Web: Email:
From the beginning of the last century the Marramieros have been engaged in grape-growing in this
land between the Adriatic Sea and the Gran Sasso, 270 m on the Pescara hills.
At the beginning of the 90’s the firm gave birth its project of winemaking, aging and bottling.
Marramiero wines are the result of a history, where love for the land blends in with attention to
progress, the art of wine and respect for the most ancient wine producing processes while using the
newest technologies.
Booking required for visits.
Leaving Rosciano behind, in a few kilometres you will arrive at Cepagatti, a village where ruins of
the ancient wall and some archaeological finds suggest it may have been a Roman Castrum. The
primordial settlement should had enlarged by Longobards, occupying an area previously covered by
woods. It is worthwhile to visit the square-shaped Torre Alex, that characterises the historical
centre, datable the 8th century and included, within the early 1900s, in a building in the shape of an
ancient castle. Here from August 15th to 17th there is the Patron Saint’s Day of San Rocco and Santa
Lucia, with a final float parade and Saracen jousting match.
Wineries to Visit
Abruzzo Vini
Via Casanova 65012 – Cepagatti Tel: 085 9700141 - 085 9709972 Fax: 085 9709972 Web: Email:
The main office is located in the Pescara valley, in hill suited for wine producing, thanks to its soil
structure and the climatic conditions. The grapes originate in the heart of Abruzzo, where the
pleasant contrast between sea and mountain creates favourable growing conditions. Accurately
selected grape varietals, are grown in areas positioned from 300 to 600 metres above sea-level.
They are the main success factor of the products.
Winery tours every day upon reservation.