The Itinerary has as starting point Imola, and passes through Dozza Imolese, Pianoro Casalecchio di Reno, Zola Pedrosa, Monte San Pietro and Castello di Serravalle to arrive far to Monteveglio.


Highway A14 - exit: Imola, home of the circuit dedicated to Enzo and Dino Ferrari, ancient Roman colony Forum Cornelii, founded in the second century BC, contains several monuments that recall the story. The city tour starts from the Sforza Castle of the thirteenth century, one of the finest examples of military architecture, characterized by a square plan with four corner towers, now site of an antique weapons collection and medieval ceramics. Leaving the castle, we enter Via Emilia, the main street lined with beautiful noble palaces such as Palazzo Machirelli and Benvenuto Rambaldi's house. Not far away is the Scartabelli Museum and the Municipal Theatre. Imola is also characterized by the presence of several historic churches: the Cathedral of San Cassiano Martire, the Blessed Virgin of Piratello Sanctuary, the Church of St. Agatha and St. Augustine's Church. A final must is, of course, the Wine Museum, housed in Palazzo Tozzoni cellars and open on Saturday and Sunday.

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Azienda Agricola Giovannini ?Via Punta, 82 Loc. Ponticelli – 40026 Imola - Tel: +39 0542 684122 Fax: +39 0542 684122 Web: Email: Giovannini company was born on the gentle slopes of Imola area in the mid 60s. In this land of encounter between Emilia and Romagna, which has always been synonymous with generous conviviality and sincere devotion to the cult of Bacchus, the founder of the family, Garibaldo Giovannini began a passion that still, after fifty years, revived unchanged in his son Giorgio and his grandson Jacopo. New fermentation techniques adoption, the best materials choice for the vinification and, especially, the vines health care demonstrate the attention which the company is aimed at the sector with, strong of his inherited precious experience and the cooperation given by Dr. Francesco Marchi, estimated agronomist and oenologist. From vine growing to aging in bottles, kept in a tunnel built inside the hill, Giovannini wine rises to the result of the achieved balance between the attention for the new and the continuity with the past, in the unchanged passion for a job handed down for generations. Winery visits: always

Fattoria del Monticino Rosso ?Via Montecatone 7 – 40026 Imola - Tel: +39 0542 40577 Fax: +39 0542 40577 Web: Email:

Monticino Rosso Farm is located on the hills of Imola, in the Emilia Romagna area that forms the cultural boundary between the western part sparkling wines, the East part still wines and the beginning of Sangiovese cultivation. The farm consists of two ancient estates, on which there are two typical and ancient manor houses, painted and embellished with parks that preserve magnificent examples of secular plants. Today the family Zeoli is implementing an agrarian transformation, to bring the production to high quality in respect of the soil and climate. Wine tours: by appointment


Left Imola, after few kilometers, we run into Dozza, a small medieval village full of charm and history stretched on hillside almost entirely covered with vineyards. Here in the fortress underground, is situated the Regional Wine Shop, which exposes, ready for tasting and purchase, more than 800 labels of producers in the region.
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Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna ?Rocca Sforzesca , Loc. Dozza - 40050 Dozza Imolese - Tel: +39 0542 678089 Fax:+39 0542 678073 Web: Email: The Enoteca Regionale Emilia Romagna was born in 1970 on the initiative of the Municipality of Dozza, the Pro Loco and some local producers, with the participation of public organizations of the Province of Bologna interested in wine. The same location choice was not accidental. Dozza, in fact, binds its own historical roots in the wine and enjoys an excellent location because it marks almost the border between Emilia and Romagna. The Rocca, a beautiful example of fortress of the thirteenth century, is today a popular destination for tourism thanks to the Wine Shop, which completely occupies the old cellars and the ground floor. Winery visits: Tuesday - Friday, 9.30 am - 1.00 pm / 2.30 pm – 6.30 pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays, 10.00 am – 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm – 7.00 pm


In the Apennines, in the south-east of Bologna, along the Futa road towards Florence is Pianoro. Here the land is divided along two distinct valleys located on the Zena and Savena torrents. On the highest point of the town, 638 meters high, stands the Monte delle Formiche “Mount of Ants” with the typical sanctuary of Santa Maria di Zena. In the town Pianoro Vecchia is interesting to visit the Church of S. Giacomo Maggiore, a building renovated in the eighteenth century, together with a pilgrims "hosptal" of which we have news since the twelfth century.

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Podere Riosto ?Via di Riosto 12 – 40065 Pianoro - Tel: +39 051 777109 Fax: +39 051 6527450 Web: Email: The company is a piece of ancient history at Bologna gates, where wooded hills with oaks and cypress trees border the vineyards and Riosto ruins. On these hills the viticulture origin is very old and the wines were very well known already during the Pope. Winery visits: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm / 2.00 pm- 5.30 pm. Saturdays, 8:30 am to 1:00 pm?


Casalecchio is located in a geographically happy position, with its territory partly flat, partly composed of several hills with different slopes not exceeding 400 meters, and divided in two parts by the River Reno. In the heart of the medieval town worth a visit Church of San Martino, that has on its side a small road that leads up to the Parco della Chiusa, consisting of the estate of the Marquis Sampieri Talon remains, these, starting from the seventeenth century, built villas and park in their land. Since 1975, the park is public property and opened to the public, and even though time and history have had a profound impact, you can still imagine the splendor of the ancient nobility.

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Azienda Agricola Tizzano ?Via Marescalchi 13 – 40033 Casalecchio di Reno - Tel: +39 051 571208 Fax: +39 051 577665 Email: ?In the center of a large park is located Villa Marescalchi, for centuries residence of the noble family in Bologna. It was thanks to the close relationship that bounded the Marescalchis to France that, in the last century in Tizzano were tested French vines and set up wineries for storage and aging. Winery visits: Monday - Friday, 8.00 am - 12.00 pm/ 1.30 pm- 4.30 pm; Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm.


In few kilometers we arrive in Zola Pedrosa, whose territory extends along Via Bazzanese, the ancient Roman Via Claudia. In these places the human settlement is attested by many important archaeological finds already from the Bronze Age. In Zola Pedrosa there are many visits to do: from Villas and Palaces (Villa Quattro Torri, Villa Balzani, Palazzo Bentivoglio Pepoli, Palazzo Stella, Torre delle Tombe), to the Church of S. Nicolò and Agata up to the Cultural Center and Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Ca 'La Ghironda.

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Azienda Agricola Gaggioli Maria Letizia ?Via Raibolini 55 – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 753489 - +39 051 750534 Fax: +39 051 753489 Web: Email:

The farm is situated on the rolling hills of Zola Predosa located to the south of Via Emilia and to the west of Bologna. Since 1960, the company has owned by the family Gaggioli, that in 1979, renewed the vineyards and in 1993 opened a new and modern winery. The wine is made in the vineyard and in compliance with this philosophy, the company takes grapes from its owned vineyards exclusively. The grassing and the integrated pest management by the use of harmless protections and, the use of modern machines are further guarantees for a quality production. Winery visits: by appointment.

Cantina Lodi Corazza ?Via Risorgimento 223 , Loc. Ponte Ronca – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 756805 Fax: +39 051 756805 Web: Email: The family with years of work has decided to create an atmosphere for " wine travelers", where culture, tradition, innovation and respect for the environment are adequately mixed. Thus were born the wines, result of the time knowledge, the daily care and love for the land. Winery visits: Tuesday to Sunday, by reservation

Santa Caterina ?Via Risorgimento 209 – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 756888 Fax: +39 051 756888 Web: Email: The company is owned by Lodi family from the mid of nineteenth century, it's now managed by Laura Lodi and Giancarlo Bernardi who, with passion, produce grapes and Colli Bolognesi DOC wines, with the best of production techniques in respect of the traditions. The company is located on a land suited to viticulture, at the foot of the hill with an excellent exposure. The grapes are processed in the company winery, using the latest equipment. The company's most distinctive grape variety is Sauvignon planted in 1948. Winery visits: daily, by reservation. ?

Vigneto delle Terre Rosse Enrico Vallania ?Via Predosa 83 – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 755845 - 759649 Fax: +39 051 6187210 Web: Email: In summer looking at this iron-rich land, with alternating clay veins and limestone patches, the hill is painted with red tones. This is where Terre Rosse vineyard is located, ownership of Vallanas since 1961, when, inherited the estate, the family has chosen to dedicate themselves to vine cultivation. Winery visits: by appointment.


Via Bertoloni, 14- 16?40069- Zola Pedrosa?Tel. +39 051 751491- +39 335 7442080?Fax +39 051751491 ?Web:

Days and hours: daily, from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, preferably with prior notice. Directions: asse attrezzato Nuova Bazzanese ( exit A1 Bologna Casalecchio and Tangenziale, 6 minutes). 15 minutes from downtown Bologna, in a dominant position over the vineyards (arranged radially from the center of the farm), in the Colli Bolognesi. It discovers Bologna, the Po Valley way to the Alps on clear days. Winery equipped with the latest technologies, which respect grapes and wine. The rooms of the original part, perfectly preserved, with exposed brick walls and floors, have been destined for wine aging.?


Established by the Lombards around the Lavino river basin, Monte San Pietro has a valuable complex of Romanesque buildings, called The Abbey, during the Middle Ages home to the Abbey of Saints Fabiano and Sebastiano. The complex is located next to an ancient accommodation point for pilgrims heading for Rome and is an obligatory stop in a Benedictine Abbeys of Bologna path. This is a group of buildings, some civilian target like the tower, and others of clearly religious origin, such as the church, the monastery and the cloister, with a predominantly Romanesque architecture imprint. Be noted that every year around the end of August the town hosts the Festival of the Colli Bolognesi's wine.

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Azienda Agricola Isola ?Via Bernardi 3 – 40050 Monte San Pietro - Tel: +39 051 6768428 Fax: +39 051 6768309 Email:  The company is located on the hills of Mongiorgio, in Colli Bolognesi heart. Marco Franceschini has involved in his passion the entire family, working especially with his son Gian Luca. Love for quality oenology has raised the selection line, particularly cared in vineyard wines with winter pruning, designed to obtain low yields per plant and thinning after the veraison period. Winery tours: Saturday and Sunday, 8.00 am – 12.00 pm

Tenuta Bonzara ?Via San Chierlo 37/A – 40050 Monte San Pietro - Tel: +39 051 6768324 Fax: +39 051 225772 Web: Email:

Example of wine-tourism culture, Tenuta Bonzara is the emblem of the passion and commitment that Angelo Lambertini, founder of the company in 1963, transferred to his son Francesco. Inspired by the same enthusiasm, this has invested in quality over the past decade by operating on vineyards and winery, which offers a splendid view. Winery visits: Monday - Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm / 1.30 pm – 5.30 pm; other hours and Sundays by appointment
?Located on the border with Modena province, it's a small village that stands on top of a hill from where you can enjoy a beautiful view. The town takes its name from the castle, which now houses the Town Hall, dating from the late eleventh century and which is a national monument. The territory of Castello di Serravalle is still full of tower-houses and small villages that make the hilly landscape particularly attractive. Be noted that Castello di Serravalle houses the Hill and the Wine Ecomuseum, set up in the old Captain's House of the Mountain in Serravalle, a thirteenth century building, specially restored.

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Azienda Agricola Beghelli Giuseppe ?Via Castello 2257 – 40050 Castello di Serravalle - Tel: +39 051 6704786 Fax: +39 051 6704786 Web: Email: The company is located in an isolated purely agricultural and panoramic area, surrounded by vineyards, orchards, woods and pastures and, it extends for 13 hectares. Winery visits: by appointment

??Fattorie Vallona ?Sant’Andrea n.203 angolo via cantagallo , Loc. Fagnano – 40050 Castello di Serravalle - Tel: +39 051 6703058 Fax: +39 051 6703333 Email:  The company is currently composed of four separate estates, Lamezzi in the town of Monte San Pietro area, Cà'di Roda, Ca'Novina and Casetta in Castello di Serravalle, the main building where is the winery. The aspect of the estates has considerably changed since the beginning of the activity, when it grew mainly fruit, forage crops and eating grapes. The wine origins of Vallona family (with grandfather Silverio) date back to 1935, but the modern winery designed for commercial purposes was born in 1985, thanks to Maurizio, passionate winemaker, that makes a company created just for fun turn into one of the most beautiful realities of the valley. Winery visits: by appointment


Monteveglio, one of the towns of the province of Bologna, situated on the western hills, on Modena province threshold, was Etruscan and Roman, then Byzantine fortress. The location is composed of two distinct residential areas: the oldest, which includes all the monuments, is placed on top of a hill, while on the feet of it is the most recent settlement. The antique Monteveglio consists of a few houses, a famous abbey and a castle, which remained the portal, surmounted by a battlement with dovetail (so-called Ghibellines) merlons, in addition to the great embattled tower which defended the portal. From here you can enjoy a panorama that sweeps over the hills of the Apennines, on the valley of Samoggia and the Po Valley. Monteveglio In the seat of the Consorzio Vini Colli Bolognesi, protection and control institution of the rich DOC wine production zone.

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Azienda Agricola La Mancina ?Via Motta 8 , Loc. Montebudello – 40050 Monteveglio - Tel: +39 051 832691 Fax: +39 051 835441 Web: Email: Franco Zanetti today supported by his niece Francesca, is the founder of the company that extends over the hills on the border between Bologna and Modena. In the fields vineyards planted, that in recent years, has reached 36 hectares, mostly triumphs the native vine Pignoletto growing. Winery visits: daily, by reservation.

??La Corte d’Aibo ?Via Marzatore 15 – 40050 Monteveglio - Tel: +39 051 832583 Fax: +39 051 832583 Web: Email: Corte d' Aibo is situated about 20 Km from Bologna in the heart of the "Parco regionale dell'Abbazia" (Abbey Regional Park) in Monteveglio. The lands called the Aibo is already mentioned in ancient writings of the early sixteenth century reporting how the Monastery of Monteveglio canons acquired several plots in the area called "alle vigne di d'Aibo" (at the vineyards of the Aibo) documenting such a remote vitivinicultural vocation of our estates. At the end of 80's, the lands were bought by young winemakers and began the long process of restructuring of already existing vineyards, the construction of new high density installations of vines, the construction of a modern vinification cellar, thus implementing a deep enhancement of this wonderful area. winery visits: by appointment

Cantina Bonfigli?Via Cassola, 21?40050- Monteveglio?Tel. +39 051830758  Fax +39 051830758 ?Web:

Days and Hours: Monday - Friday 9.00 am – 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm – 6.00 pm; Saturday 9.30 am to 12.30 pm Directions: A1 exit Modena, turn left towards Spilamberto and continue until you reach a T junction where you turn to 'Bonfiglio' is a historical winery in the Colli Bolognesi, with more than half a century of producing DOC wines made from grapes of hilly vineyards that emerged on lands that since the nineteenth century, the Counts Ranuzzi de Bianchi, noble family of Bologna, sensing the strong vocation of the company hilly red land rich in calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, as well as their pedoclimatic characteristics favorable for producing high quality wine, converted to wine production. Right for Bazzano, towards Bologna. Once in Muffa town turn towards Monteveglio. The annual production of Bonfiglio company is now stabilized at around sixty thousand bottles and in addition to the classic wines of the Colli Bolognesi are also produced wider bottles as the "Fresco & Rosso", a table wine that highlights the specific characteristics of Cabernet Sauvignon, of Barbera and Merlot that make up the blend, and the "Barbarot" an IGT wine with predominant base Barbera grapes and the Merlot gives the proper completion. Among the recently achieved awards we include certificates of great value, especially for the Pignoletto Superiore and the Passito, both won several awards in past editions of the wines competition of Monteveglio Abbey and in the last editions of the Asti National Wine Competition Award "Douja D'Or".


Azienda Agricola Gaggioli Maria Letizia ?Via Raibolini 55 – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 753489 - 051 750534 Fax: +39 051 753489 Web: Email: Vallona ?Sant’Andrea n.203 angolo via cantagallo , Loc. Fagnano – 40050 Castello di Serravalle - Tel: +39 051 6703058 Fax: +39 051 6703333 Email: Bonzara ?Via San Chierlo 37/A – 40050 Monte San Pietro - Tel: +39 051 6768324 Fax: +39 051 225772 Web: Email:


Azienda Agricola Gaggioli Maria Letizia ?Via Raibolini 55 – 40069 Zola Pedrosa - Tel: +39 051 753489 - 051 750534 Fax: +39 051 753489 Web: Email: Bonzara ?Via San Chierlo 37/A – 40050 Monte San Pietro - Tel: +39 051 6768324 Fax: +39 051 225772 Web: Email: