In this journey we travel in the realm of traditional balsamic vinegar. We move therefore in the two production historical provinces, starting from Modena with the towns of Ravarino, Savignano sul Panaro and Serramazzoni to then move towards Reggio Emilia and visit the Scandiano, Quattro Castella, Montecchio and Sant'Ilario d'Enza wineries.


Let's start our journey from here, from a village characterized by a long history where the time was marked by long periods of powers and domination of this plain. Here, the man left traces of his uninterrupted permanence from prehistoric times to the Roman era. Already in the thirteenth century Ravarino, also called Borgo Franco and Old Vegetable Garden, was Municipality. The main feature of Ravarino was the Paviera (marsh grass) working in the tote bags  and mats making up.
The activity, documented since the middle of the fourteenth century, from the nineteenth century until a few decades ago, has been a source of trade with foreign countries, especially with Germany and with England. The rural tradition which its gastronomic culture comes from means that most of the dishes is made from meat processing and poultry or stable animals derived products. The countryside also highly cultivated with vineyards and orchards, gives rise to the local typicalities: Lambrusco (of Sorbara), Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, traditional balsamic vinegar.

Wineries to visit:?

Cantina Vini Casolari?Vini Casolari Cav. Ufficiale Primo Via Vandini , Loc. Frazione Rami 41017 RAVARINO - (MO)?Tel: +39 059 900138 Fax: +39 059 900138 Email: Web:

The Casolari Primo Cav. Official Winery, was founded in 1600 with the production of exceptional wines such as Lambrusco. Now the Casolari family and sons lead the company with passion and love rewarded by great quality results. The family Casolari still gathers the grapes by hand, avoiding the use of harvesting machines, to have an even more quality wine from the grapes, they vinify the grape, provide bottling and bottles labeling following the entire production phases to guarantee superb quality  product. Winery visits by reservation.

A few kilometers from Modena, in a Northern Apennines medieval village with strong agricultural vocation, orchards and vineyards create a beautiful landscape. Here the clay and marly ground creates the strange badlands phenomenon, sharp bare slopes devoid of vegetation. Let's go to see the Castle from the eleventh century and characterized by a stone tower, and the parish church, also from the eleventh century, that houses some frescoes by Pietro Vilo and paintings by Celeste and Angelo Bergamini. Nearby the village there are two important regional parks: the Stones of Roccomalatina one and the Abbey of Monteveglio one. During the year are indicated two interesting wine events: in March “Amor di Vino Nuovo”, in October “Amor di Vino”.

Wineries to visit?

I Monticelli ?Via Mombrina, 17 , Loc. Fraz. Mulino 41056 SAVIGNANO SUL PANARO - Tel: +39 059 732031 Fax: +39 059 732031 ?Web: Email:

The company is located on the hills of Savignano sul Panaro and enjoys a beautiful view towards the side of Bologna and Modena. The owner passion and professionalism mean that the offered wines are processed with modern methods, but in accordance with tastes and flavors of the past. Thanks to its panoramic position the company is often included in itineraries such as walking up to the hills of Bologna or along the "path of the oaks ', the striking path that leads right to the company. In the farm it's possible to visit a huge old oak tree regional ancient monument. Winery visits: daily, 9.00 am – 1.00 pm / 3.00 pm – 9.00 pm, by reservation


It's time to concentrate in Reggio Emilia province, and as our first stop we choose Scandiano, the most populous territory after the chief town, characterized by an artistic and cultural heritage of the most interesting in the region. We start with a visit to the St. Mary Parish church, built in the fifteenth century, and rich in paintings that adorn the interior walls. Then we move to the Civic or also said the Clock Tower, that once was the gateway to the ancient town. Next step: the beautiful house Spallanzani, which has baroque elements and an inside plant of the sixteenth century. Before moving into the usual winery visits we go to visit the Castle of the fourteenth century (1315), which through the centuries has been the symbol of Scandiano power and in which you can see at the same time, architectural structures of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque periods.

??Cantine da visitare:?

Azienda Agricola Ferioli Marco – Tenuta di Aljano - ?Via Figno, 1 , Loc. Jano 42019 SCANDIANO - Tel: +39 059 981193 Fax: +39 059 848847 Web: ?Email:

The Estate of Aljano has its roots in the distant Middle Ages, situated on the rolling hills of Reggio Emilia between 150 and 300 meters above sea level, here the vine and wine passion is an ancient art. Walking from the slopes towards the ancient village of Figno we meet the ancient vineyards of Spergola and the young vines of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The vines management according to the biodynamic principles gives the grapes an aromatic complexity, bringing then our terroir features to the wine. Winery visits: by appointment

??Cantina Arceto ?Via 11 Settembre 2001, 3 - 42019 SCANDIANO - Tel: +39 0522 989107 Fax: +39 0522 980637 Web: ?Email: Arceto, small town embellished by it's ancient medieval castle where it's the homonymous winery, which for over 70 years has been continuing to express what the land is able to offer each season, in full respect of tradition. The modern structure is situated along the ring road of the Reggio Emilia territory's town, easily accessible from the main roads of the province. Today the Winery of Arceto has 387 members for a total of 90,000 quintals conferred. The vineyard area conferring to the winery is of 675 hectares, and the territories where they grow are from Scandiano, Casalgrande and Albinea, that is the province of Reggio Emilia hills and piedmont hills. Winery visits: by appointment

Casali Viticultori ?Via delle Scuole, 7 , Loc. Pratissolo - 42019 SCANDIANO - Tel: +39 0522 855441 Fax: +39 0522 984092 Web: Email:

The link between the Casali family and the wine is old. Giuseppe, the grandfather in 1900 enriched the vineyards activity with the winery work, in the splendid Albinea and Scandiano hilly frame. Today, among the primary goals is the enhancement of the Scandiano and Canossa hilly area indigenous grapes. Winery visits: Monday - Friday, 8.00 am – 12.00 pm / 2.00 pm – 7.00 pm; Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:00 pm


Next stop is in Quattro Castella, a town that is located on the first Apennines of Reggio Emilia area, in a particular geographical context: here four contiguous hills mark its territory. On their tops once there were as many castles, the Montevecchio,the Montelucio, the Montezane and the Bianello ones. This last has been preserved in all its splendor, being still nowadays a residence castle.

?Wineries to visit:?

Bertolani Alfredo srl?Via Pedemontana, 10?42019- Scandiano?Tel. +39 0522 857577  Fax +39 0522 984476? Tel: +39 0522 857577 ?Fax: +39 0522 984476  ?Web:


Azienda Agricola Venturini Baldini ?Via Turati, 42 , Loc. Roncolo - 42020 QUATTRO CASTELLA - Tel: +39 0522 249011 Fax: +39 0522 888141 ?Web: Email:

The 150 hectares of land are occupied for a third by vineyards and for the remaining part by a park, where the mild and dry microclimate and, the sun exposure contribute to the exaltation of the products quality. The wine production is accompanied by the traditional balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia. The vinegar factory has belonged to the family for four generations. Since 1994 the company has certified the organic agriculture system (Codex).  After the ISO 14001 certification, in 2003 obtained the environmental quality registration EMAS. Winery visits: daily, by appointment


Heading towards Parma along the way we meet Montecchio Emilia and its medieval origin defensive walls. There are many things that we can visit here, starting from the eleventh century castle, recently restored that houses the Municipal Library and an Art Gallery. From the top of the tower, 35 meters high, we can enjoy a beautiful panorama over the whole town. Then should be seen the Town Hall of 1577, Vicedomini-Cavezzi Palace and the Carolingian Burial.

Wineries to be seen:?

Tenuta La Piccola ?Via Casoni, 3 - 42027 MONTECCHIO EMILIA - Tel: +39 0522 864712 - +39 335 5751353 Fax: +39 0522 864712 ?Web: Email:

In a well maintained company framework, at the beginning of each row there is a rose, synonymous with refinement, but also organic phytoindicator. Here is situated the estate that houses tasting rooms in extremely elegant rural environments, with suggestive light games and aging rooms, with French oak barriques. Winery visits: Monday - Saturday, 8.30 am- 12.30 pm / 2.00 pm- 6.30 pm; Sunday reservation.


The last stop of our journey into the world of Lambrusco and traditional balsamic vinegar is Sant'Ilario d'Enza. We are in a town that has its roots in history. There are numerous archaeological finds of Roman origin. We visit the churches of Santa Eulaia and Santa Margherita before moving on to the last winery of the rout.

Wineries to visit:?

Azienda Agricola Moro di Rinaldini Paola ?Via Andrea Rivasi, 27 , Loc. Calerno - 42040 SANT'ILARIO D'ENZA - Tel: +39 0522 679190 Fax: +39 0522 679964 ?Web: Email:

Along the private road entrance, between the low regular rows, we arrive at the heart of the company where you will find a small house from 1884, expanded over the years and equipped with underground wine cellars. In the old stable has been installed a small museum and a permanent wine tasting counter. The company, a family business, has started making wine in the late '60s, demonstrating in  few years how to save old vines doomed to extinction and experimenting with the indigenous grapes ancient but innovative winemaking practices. Winery visits: by appointment

??Where to eat:??

Azienda Agricola Venturini Baldini ?Via Turati, 42 , Loc. Roncolo - 42020 QUATTRO CASTELLA - Tel: +39 0522 249011 Fax: +39 0522 888141 ?Web: Email:

Villaboni di Boni Luigi & C. ?Via San Rocco, 1185 , Loc. Pazzano - 41028 SERRAMAZZONI - Tel: +39 0536 952338 Fax: +39 0536 937500 Web: Email: