In the incomparable setting of Siena in the Maremma woods and the Monte Amiata heights, in a scene of unforgettable forms and colors comes Brunello di Montalcino, one of the most famous and important Italian wines, the one who first has entered in the major international auction of long aging bottles. The itinerary starts from Siena and crosses Castelnuovo Berardenga, Trequanda and Castelnuovo dell'Abate to come up to Montalcino, the birthplace of Brunello.
UNESCO World Heritage, Siena is a perfect example of Italian medieval town and is located in the hills of Tuscany between the Arbia and Elsa sources, on three hills covered by vineyards and olive groves typical of the Chianti countryside. Walking through its streets you can experience the evocative atmosphere that every year finds its highest expression in the traditional Palio which takes place in the beautiful scenery of Piazza del Campo. Here is the Palazzo Pubblico, built by the Government of the Republic of Siena between 1298 and 1310 as the seat of Government of the Nine, the Tower of Mangia and the Square Chapel, built as a thanksgiving to the Virgin Mary for the escaped danger from the black plague that struck the city in 1348. Also worth a visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which represents the city's Cathedral, whose lower face is the work of Giovanni Pisano, as well as the baptistery, which keeps inside the admirable baptismal font of Jacopo della Quercia.
In the National Art Gallery, inside Palazzo Buonsignori, you can admire some of the most important works of the Sienese painting from the thirteenth to the eighteenth century. The Medici Fortress  houses the Enoteca Italica Permanente, which exposes more than one thousand wine labels of five hundred different producers from all over Italy, allowed only after a series of tastings conducted by internal committees. Every year in early June is held the Week of Wine, a rich program of tastings, samplings and moments of cultural enrichment in winemaking excellence.

Surrounded by the fertile hills of Chianti and the Crete incredible landscape, the vast district of Castelnuovo Berardenga surrounds Siena to the north and to the east the landscape consists in the hills that separate the first part of the Ombrone's valley from his affluent Arbia's one, which in some parts marks the town's administrative boundary. The evidence of the medieval settlement can be found in the churches (Quercegrossa, Cagnano, Guistrigona of Cerreto, Sant'Ansano), in the monasteries (Certosa di Pontignano) and in the large number of castles (Montalto, Aiola, Selvole Pievasciata, Cerreto, Sesta, Cetamura, Orgiale, Valcortese), real peculiarity of Castelnuovo Berardenga territory.
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From Trequanda we move to the outskirts of Montalcino for a visit to the Abbey of Saint Antimo surrounded by hills covered with vineyards and beautiful natural landscapes, in Castelnuovo dell'Abate. The legend tells that the abbey was built by Charlemagne, but what is proven is its existence already in the nineteenth century. Later represented one of the most powerful Benedictine abbeys. The Romanesque structure surprises for its beauty, built of travertine, has onyx architectural decoration, a material that gives the walls a unique gloss with golden highlights. Inside are beautiful the columns capitals, which are shaped in different forms related to biblical stories or mythological animals.

Placed on a hill at 564 meters above sea level, Montalcino has preserved the charm of a medieval village. Its territory, which is part of the Natural and Cultural Park of Val d'Orcia, is covered by vines, olive trees and woods.
The historic center of Montalcino is small and cozy, with narrow streets full of artisan shops and wine bars where you can taste local products and the Brunello wine. The facade of Palazzo Comunale, built between the thirteenth and fourteenth century and seat of the Consortium for the protection of Brunello, clearly shows the link between the town and its wine.
There are displayed ceramic or terracotta arms of the mayors who ruled the place and above all the tiles of Brunello. Every February here we held the Benvenuto Brunello event, with the presentation of a new tile dedicated to the vintage year, with an indication of the quality assessment in terms of stars (from one to five) on the basis of the Consortium tasters judgment.
Also worth a visit the former convent of St. Augustine, where is located the Civic and Diocesan Museum, a must especially for the collection of paintings by great masters. Inevitable the visit to the Rocca, a fortress built by the people from Siena and theater of the last defense against the imperial troops of Charles V. Inside is housed a wine bar, which is the ideal place to taste all the Brunello vintages.
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Castello di Poggio alle Mura – 53024 Montalcino - Tel. +39 0577 840111 Fax +39 0577 840444 Web: Email:
Castello Banfi was born from the dream of the Italian-American brothers John and Harry Mariani, already owners of Banfi Vintners, the most important american wine importation company. It covers an area of 2,830 hectares, about 850 of which vineyards. Of an extraordinary experience is the visit of Poggio alle Mura small village, with a traditional wine bar, the Etruscan Balsameria, a local cuisine tavern and a fine restaurant. Inside the castle is located the Museum of Wine and Glass, with rare objects from the time of the Imperial Rome to the present day.
Visits and tastings: by appointment.

Casato Prime Donne

Loc. Casato – 53024 Montalcino -  Tel. +39 0577 849421  Fax +39 0577 849353 Web: Email:
In 1592 the Casato had already been cultivated and used as a hunting lodge. From 1998 it became an independent company of 40 hectares, managed by Donatella Cinelli Colombini, a name linked to the Brunello and to the wine tourism: in fact we owe to her "Open Wineries Day", which in only one day, brought over a million people among the barrels. The Casato added to its name, "Prime Donne", because the work team is entirely in pink. It is in fact the first female winery in Italy; in the interior there are frescoes depicting the ancient history of Montalcino.
Visits and tastings: by appointment.

Fattoria dei Barbi

Loc. Pordenovi, 170 – 53024 Montalcino - Tel. +39 0577 841111  Fax +39 0577 841112 Web: Email:
Visits and tastings: by appointment.

Tenute Silvio Nardi

Loc. Casale del Bosco – 53024 Montalcino - Tel. +39 0577 808269  Fax +39 0577 808614 Web: Email:
Company founded in 1950, when Silvio Nardi bought the farm Casale del Bosco and started its first production of Brunello, becoming, in 1967, one of the first members of the consortium. Currently, Emilia Nardi, who manages the company since 1990, has promoted a technological and commercial development.
Visits and tastings: by appointment.