16/10/2006 Sunday, November 12 from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. (free entrance)

From the Harvest Festivities to the release of Novello Wine, the wait is short, and some wineries of the Wine Tourism Movement also this year will open for the enlivening the festivities dedicated to Novello Wine.
The third edition of “Novello in the Winery” will offer wine tourists the opportunity to enter the cellars at an exciting time. The object of the festivities is the tasting of the first fruit of the harvest, Novello Wine. On Sunday, November 12 from 10 a.m. to 18 p.m. (free entrance), the invitation is for the wine expert and novice.

“For many, Novello Wine is a problem – says Chiara Lungarotti, President of Wine Tourism Movement – we want to re–open the debate in a pertinent and not generic way about this first fruit of the harvest: in the respect of the rules for carbonic maceration and the producers’ adherence to those rules, Novello is a good product that has an excellent impact on the Italian market.
Novello has substituted the joviality and happiness that in the past was reserved for grape must.
It is non the some thing, we all know that, but why denigrate, or even to be hostile to a product that enters in a lot of homes, even those where wine is not always on the table?
For MTV, Novello in the Winery is the opportunity to continue spreading wine culture and enhancing the role of the winemakers, giving recognition to our companies that produce real Novello, in the respect of the rules”.

The intense bouquet of the maturing wine, splendid landscapes of the vineyards in their warm fall colours, this is setting for “Novello in the Winery”. The participating Regions have various programs.

In TRENTINO, Endrizzi Winery will present the Novello 2006 tastings of the local salami and cheeses.

In FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA, five wineries will be participating: Conte d'Attimis, Isola Augusta, Banear, San Simone and Tenuta di Angoris. There will be events, winery tours and tastings of typical foods.

In the VENETO twelve Wineries will open their doors to visitors: Facchin, Liugino Zago, Cav. Dino Musaragno, Cantine Paladin (at 5:30 p.m. the play: “The American Uncle” by “The Melograno theatre Company”) Villa Sandi, Cantina of Gambellara, Agricola Mazzolada, Dal Bianco Marco – Casa Coroner, Pegoraro, Alta Padovana, Villa Magna, (poetry performance and rhymes by local poets – show of agricultural foods by Cifem), Cantina Vignaluna.

In TUSCANY: Rocca delle Macie, Castello d’Albola.

In LOMABARDIA, the Wineries will be ten: Pietrasanta, La Brugherata, Tenuta Castello di Grumello, La Torre, Conti Terzi, Ricchi, Riccardi Nettare dei Santi, Fratelli Guerci and La Marzuola.

In EMILA ROMAGNA, Casali Viticultori Wineries will offer tourists the opportunity of tasting Novello Wine with roasted chestnuts and typical local food.

UMBRIA is participating in “Novello in the Wineries” for the first time, with three Wineries: Terre del Carpine, Chiorri, and Falesco.

In the LATIUM REGION, ten wineries are participating in the big celebration: Casale del Giglio, Ganci e Milone, Tenuta Pietra Pinta, Cantina di Sant’Andrea, Azienda Marco Carpiteti, Cantina Villafranca, Donnardea, Castello di Torre in Pietra, Cantina del Tufaio, Tenuta Ronci.

In CAMPANIA: Agricola Magliulo and Cantina degli Astroni.

To discover all the programs for Novello in Winery this year as well as to find the addresses of the Regional Associations, visit: