23/03/2007 The Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement), a non-profit association founded in 1993, is an example of a totally unique formula which today comprises over 900 of the best Italian winemaking firms.

The Movimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement), a non-profit association founded in 1993, is an example of a totally unique formula which today comprises over 900 of the best Italian winemaking firms.
This important association, with its constant commitment, aims to help the national sectoral tourism circuit grow at a time when wine tourism has by now become a transverse and important resource, in which increasing investments should continually be made in new instruments and resources.

The main objective of the Movement is to act as a guarantor of the protection of the environment and quality agriculture, by being the promoter of as natural a lifestyle as possible, which places the guest at the center of attention.
Events throughout the year, newsletters, special initiatives, happenings, and Web communication: these are just some of the activities that the association works to carry out, propose, and renew each year.

Among the various initiatives is the by-now famous “CANTINE APERTE(OPEN WINE CELLARS) which is an extremely STRONG appointment in the panorama of wine tourism events, with the involvement of all the members who, just for this special occasion, open their doors to receive tourists, passersby, and experts to bring them into the formidable world of values and know-how contained amidst the vineyards and casks.

On 27 May 2007 (the last Sunday of the month) the by-now evident success of this event is repeated; it is looked forward to eagerly by wine lovers, as well as by those who work with wines as a profession or by the wine tourist who likes to visit the wine territories dotting our country from north to south.
Having by now become the Movimento Turismo del Vino’s emblematic event, each year CANTINE APERTE attracts thousands of visitors coming from Italy and abroad. In fact, it is estimated that the touring of wine cellars brings 3.5 million visitors to Italy a year, of whom 1 million on the “Cantine Aperte” day alone, thus contributing considerably to spreading the culture of quality wine beyond its natural boundaries, bringing the actual producers – from the vineyard harvest to the ageing in the wine cellars – in direct contact with the consumer, as the Movement’s motto, “SEE WHAT YOU DRINK”, says.

Each year the event is renewed with various appointments: among the novelties of this 15th edition of 2007, the common theme characterizing all the wine cellars will be the “VINOFONINO” (WINE PHONE) contest, a fun initiative that combines the modernity of a communication instrument with the Italian vine-growing and wine-making tradition, open to the numerous visitors that will be able to immortalize their day with photos and film clips.

The rules are simple. It is possible to participate in two different ways: “Mai… a CORTO di Vino(Never... SHORT of Wine) in which the three best clips filmed with a videophone will be rewarded, and also posted on the Web TV www.winenews.tv , the event’s partner; and “Moscatto”, which will reward the three best snapshots, always and rigorously taken with a cell phone camera. Everything will be coordinated and evaluated by an expert Judges Panel, which will reward the winners with a sizable assortment of products coming from the best Italian firms belonging to the Movement.
Having become a must among the events connected with the wine culture world, CANTINE APERTE invites everyone to come discover the numerous aspects of the wine territories, which for this coming edition, also, will be the setting for combinations, typical product presentations, tastings, and side events.

Last but not least, the Movement’s strong commitment is also confirmed on the occasion of the most famous and attended Italian trade fair event devoted to wine, i.e. Vinitaly, where it will be present with a booth at the Centro Servizi delle Erbe, between pavilions 4 and 5.

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