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Contrada Solagna del Titolo
85022 Barile (pz)
telephone 3204879945
Presidents: Elena Fucci

The Basilicata Wine Tourism Movement offers the possibility to wine tourists to make visits in landscapes of great beauty. Many wineries are surrounded by beautiful vineyards, others are built inside important buildings also of cultural interest. Every company is a specific expression of a life story, and for this it would be worthwhile to visit them all. There are family businesses, where producers personally receive visitors by transmitting the passion and ideas that led them to live their land; others are in historic buildings such as villages or villas, others are masterpieces by contemporary architects.

The region offers enchanting tourist opportunities of the highest level: Matera, European Capital of Culture, Melfi, the city of Federico II, Venosa, the home of Orazio, the Magna Graecia of Metapontino. The excursions that can be organized are endless: the Vulture and the lakes of Monticchio, San Fele and its waterfalls, the Piccole Dolomiti Lucane and the Volo dell'Angelo, Maratea and the Cristo Redentore. And much more...

A visit to the vineyards and cellars where excellent products are produced can represent an experiential journey for the wine tourist: culture, gastronomy, uncontaminated landscapes all blended together for an unmissable opportunity.