the wine tourism welcoming




Oratorio della Nunziatella | Via dell'Annunziata, 18
Foligno (pg)
telephone 347 6839137
Presidents: Giovanni Dubini

Promote wine culture and visits to production sites to increase prestige and knowledge of companies and territories in order to create new perspectives for economic development.
Increase enogastronomic tourism in wine-growing areas, with the aim of enhancing all the activities related to the area as well as to the wine sector.
Make events that can create a new bond between wine growers and cellars for the emergence of new commercial tools. A visit to the cellar can be a direct selling opportunity both during the event and throughout the year.
THESE ARE THE OBJECTIVES THAT THE REGIONAL ASSOCIATION UMBRIA WANTS TO OBTAIN.  And with passion, for years we work on this road. We are waiting for you in our wonderful cellars!