Movimento Turismo del Vino: What is it

movimento turismo vino
movimento turismo vino

ovimento Turismo del Vino (Wine Tourism Movement) is a non-profit association which started in 1993, among its about 1,000 members there are some of the most prestigious wineries of Italy. Its members are selected according to specific requirements; the first one being the wine tourism welcoming quality. With its ongoing commitment, Movimento Turismo del Vino aims to increase the national wine tourism industry, which is a fundamental economic resource for the territories’ development and an effective tool for environmental protection. On one hand, MTV wants wine tourists to know more about activities and products of the winery members, on the other, to offer them an example of how you can do business in accordance with traditions, environmental protection and quality agriculture. To meet these objectives, MTV works on several levels: participation in fairs – first of all Vinitaly - and international conferences in collaboration with universities and research centers to carry out research, partnership with the major players in the wine sector (Enoteca Italiana, Città del Vino), communication (brochures, leaflets, posters and guides) and the press offices to promote MTV events in the national media.
Here are a few goals of the Association:

  • promote wine culture by visiting the production sites;
  • support the growth of tourism in all Italian regions with a strong winemaking vocation;
  • qualify the wineries tourist services;
  • • enhance the image as well as the economic and employment outlook of the wine areas.
Cantine Aperte" (Open Wineries) on the last Sunday of May

MTV organizes several events throughout the year. On the last Sunday of May, "Cantine Aperte" opens the cellars to millions of enthusiasts and wine lovers to discover the wine world and culture directly on-site.

Wine tasting under the stars and open air shows take place in August with "Calici di Stelle" on the night of San Lorenzo, the night of the shooting stars, in hundreds of towns and wineries in Italy. In September, there is "Cantine Aperte in Vendemmia", a unique opportunity to rediscover and experience the countryside with its amazing festive mood linked to the grape harvest. The event in November is "Cantine Aperte a San Martino" to toast the agricultural New Year. Finally, in December to celebrate the arrival of Christmas, there is "Cantine Aperte a Natale" when visitors can do their Christmas shopping by not only choosing wines to taste but also to give.

Information: Movimento Turismo del Vino National Secretariat
Palazzo Comunale - Costa del Municipio, 1 - 53024 Montalcino (Siena)
Tel: 0577/847047 -
Opening times: from Monday to Friday – 9.30 a.m. - 13.30 p.m.