the wine tourism welcoming




Via Sangiorgi, 15
70124 Bari
telephone 080 8641356
Presidents: Massimiliano Apollonio

Movimento Turismo del Vino was born in Puglia in 1998, thanks to the initiative of five pioneers in wine production, aiming to promote wine culture through visits in production places, to encourage tourism in territories with a wine vocation, to qualify touristic services in wineries, to increase awareness and economic-occupational perspectives in wine industry regions.
Around these targets, a big family has grown, nowadays composed by 70 wineries, united in a consortium - a very important and eminent part of apulian wine industry: from Daunia to Salento, this is the only non-profit organization representing so many productors.
During the last 20 years it operated for the region development, with events, tastings, training courses, fairs, workshops, promotional activities in Italy and abroad. A constant buzz, to let the best Wines of Puglia be widely known and supported.