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Conti Di Buscareto


Apply: Enrico Giacomelli - Claudio Gabellini
Wine areas:
Lacrima Di Morro d'alba (DOC)
Rosso Piceno (DOC)
Verdicchio Dei Castelli Di Jesi (DOC)
Foundation year: 2002
Winemaker: Umberto Trombelli
Vine variety: Verdicchio, Lacrima, Montepulciano, Sangiovese
Hectare: 70
Number of bottles produced/year: 280000
Most important labels:
Brut Bianco e Brut Ros
Verdicchio Goccia
Lacrima Goccia
Passito di Lacrima

The Conti di Buscareto agricultural company owns almost 70 hectares Vineyard straight managed with great care and ability, aiming to make yields always bigger under a quantitative aspect, and selected under the qualitative aspect. The aim of Conti Di Buscareto Winery is to rediscover and bed out the old Marche vines in order to produce wine using new, modern methods, according to qualitative and production processes at the avant-garde of contemporary oenology. This project, took off some years ago, and it has been focused, mainly, on the vines called 'Lacrima Nera' ('Black Tear'), a tipical variety of red berry grape of hills that encompass the little town of Morro d'Alba including small villages as Belvedere Ostrense, Monte San Vito, Ostra, San Marcello and the town of Senigallia (except the hill slopes which face the Adriatic sea). The winery owns and vinificate also other different grape varieties, mostly the well-known Verdicchio, Montepulciano and Sangiovese (the latter two blended together to form the Rosso Piceno D.O.C.) and international grapes like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Conti di Buscareto arises also in the extra-virgin olive oil production having acquired some hectares of olive grove in the small village of Cartoceto, a particularly appreciated area, and latterly boasts the d.o.p. marks, which guarantee the quality of the product.

Wine Tasting: yes
Oil Tasting: yes
Purchase products in the cellar: yes
Purchase products online: yes
Disabled accessibility: yes
Coach parking: yes
Apply: Sergio e Claudio
Language spoken: Italian, English, Spanish, Japanese