The territory of the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano stretches from the town, which it takes its name from until the Val d'Orcia reaching the border with Umbria and Trasimeno Lake area. The historic center of Montepulciano, with its history and Chiusi are the references of this land.

?MONTEPULCIANO Motorway A1, exit Val di Chiana, follow the signs for Montepulciano. The town is spread along the crest of a hill, completely surrounded by city walls. Time seems to stand still and the well maintained and kept monuments are famous architects of the past works: Antonio da Sangallo il Vecchio, Vignola and Michelozzo. To visit the city you can follow the main road, which you can see many interesting corners from. We recommend to visit: The Palazzo Comunale, Piazza Grande 1, (open Monday to Saturday) from whose tower you can see a breathtaking view, the Duomo, Piazza Grande, (open daily), St. Augustine, Piazza Michelozzo (open daily), the Madonna di San Biagio, located in Via San Biagio 14 below the city walls towards the south (open daily). In addition, although closed, deserve to be seen from the outside Palazzo Budelli, in Corso 73, whose structure in the lower part is articulated with Etruscan reliefs and funerary urns; PalazzoTarugi, Piazza Grande, an imposing palace of the sixteenth century, which is located next to City Hall and is a beautiful example of architecture of the sixteenth century.


It was born as a group of Etruscan farming villages spread on the hills around the highest one, the Cleusin, where it is said that used to live Porsenna. Walking through the streets of the town you can still feel the lifestyle of the Etruscans. To relive the history of the city we suggest you to start the visit from the National Etruscan Museum, in Via Porsenna 2, tel 0578 20 177 (open daily), then to go to the Duomo, Piazza del Duomo (open daily) where you can also visit the Museum of the Cathedral, tel 0578 226490 (open daily) where you can book visits to the city's underground tunnels.
Wineries to visit: 

??Bindella ?Via delle Tre Berte, 10/A , Loc. ACQUAVIVA DI MONTEPULCIANO 53040 MONTEPULCIANO - (SI) Tel: +39 0578 767777 Fax: +39 0578 767255?

Born from a Rudi Bindella's idea, affirmed Swiss businessman and, totally, it covers 90 hectares, 30 of which are vineyards and 7 are olive groves. In the winery, the wines are treated with special care, in various stages of production, careful not to lose the direct relationship between this art to a very remote cultural heritage, and at the same time, the use of all new production methods, provided by the most advanced technology. A quality assurance that comes from the vine and turns into a glass full of emotions. Winery visits Monday - Friday, 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.

Casa Vinicola Triacca
Strada per Pienza, 39 - 53045, Montepulciano (SI) - 0578757774 -
Back in 1897 Domenico Triacca acquired 2.000 square metres of vineyards in Valgella, one of the best areas of Valtellina. He built himself a small cella where he could turn his own grapes into wine and allow them to mature, thereby establishing the "philosophy" behind Triacca of making wine exclusively from its own grapes - the essence of "Dalla mia vigna" logo, which means "from my vine". Triacca's once modest holding has since gradually expanded to cover 40 hectares. Triacca family later decided to grow wines in Tuscany and in 1969 they acquired the Tuscan estate "La Madonnina", in the heart of the Chianti Classico region. Today they have specialised vines covering some 100 hectares. In 1990 the family went on acquire the "Santavenere" estate with 36 hectares of vineyards in the Vino Nobile di Montepulciano area.The new wine cellar with its striking architecture to fit the landscape has 4.000 hectolitres of wine storage capacity. It is composed of an upper level where there are the stainless vats for the vinification and a lower level with barriques, tonneaux and big barrels of wood for the ageing process that lasts at least 18 months. According to the family tradition the Tuscan estates are managed by a member of the family, Luca Triacca.

Az. Agr. Canneto
Via dei Canneti 14
53045, Montepulciano (SI)
0578757737 -

Via del Teatro, 1?53045- Montepulciano?Tel: +39 0578 757006 ?Fax: +39 0578 752891  ?Web: Days and opening hours: Monday to Friday 8.30 am- 12.30 pm and 2.30 – 6.30 pm, Saturday and Sunday 09:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2.30 - 6.30 pm Directions: From North: A1 exit Val di Chiana. From the South: A1 exit Chiusi-Chianciano. In both cases, follow the signs for Montepulciano and then to the Old Town and Piazza Grande. The winery construction dates back to the thirteenth century, while the homonymous palace, residence of Pope Julius III and also of the Grand Duke Ferdinando I, was built in the sixteenth century by Antonio da Sangallo the Elder. It covers 170 hectares, 21 of which are vineyards at an altitude ranging between 280 and 450 meters, the vineyards consist only of native grapes, the products sale is distributed in the biggest international markets. As the most ancient winery of Montepulciano, acts just as a reservoir of memory for the whole enology of Montepulciano, so that it keeps alive traditions and typical activities.

La Braccesca
Via Stella Di Valiano 10
53045, Montepulciano (SI)
0578724252 - 3474751308 

?Strada del Vino Nobile di Montepulciano?
Piazza Grande, 7?53045- Montepulciano?Tel: +39 0578 717484 ?Fax: +39 0578 752749  ?Web: Days and opening hours: Monday to Saturday 10.00am/1.00pm 3.00pm/6.00pm